Call for Abstracts

Thank you for participating in the European Geothermal Congress (EGC) 2022. Please read carefully the instructions below and download the full guidelines for instructions to submit your abstract.

The 2022 edition of the European Geothermal Congress (EGC) will be held on 17th – 21st October 2022 at the Berlin Congress Centre bcc, Berlin, Germany. EGC 2022 is organised by EGEC Geothermal, in cooperation with the German Geothermal Association BVG.

The call for abstracts will help shaping the programme of the European Geothermal Congress 2022 (EGC2022). To ensure the broadest participation possible, the Organising Committee has decided to postpone the deadline for the submission of the abstracts for one month, until Friday 1st October 2021.

If you have already submitted your abstracts, you have the possibility to revise it and re-submit it.

The organisers request the submission of abstracts for papers concerning all areas of geothermal energy use, from very shallow systems to deep drilling and high-enthalpy fields. Both the technological and the social-economic side will be covered.

The programme will be divided into four basic threads or “streams”, using the practises and standards appropriate to each respective target group. We hope, however, that you will use this unique opportunity to look outside your own normal sphere or interest and learn about the work of those in other fields, all connected by the desire to give geothermal energy the spot on the energy landscape it deserves!

The four streams are:

  • Geothermal solutions for the future renewable energy systems
  • Politics and Market
  • Technology and Innovation – good practices
  • Research and Development

Please consider which stream is appropriate for your proposal, as reviewing and acceptance procedures will vary according to the usual practice in these fields.

> Geothermal solutions for the future renewable energy systems

This stream looks into the integration of geothermal in the energy system. Geothermal energy is central to a smart, resilient and future-proofed energy system. It provides renewable heating, cooling and baseload electricity, which are pivotal to decarbonising buildings, industry and mobility.

Examples of keywords: electricity, heat, hybrid, etc.

> Policy & Markets

This stream covers the political, regulatory, financial, and economic framework in which geothermal energy operates, as well as public acceptance.

Policy and regulation can act both as a support and as a barrier to development, and we need to make sure the best suitable framework is created within European countries. The politics and market sessions will feature invited speakers, as well as presentations from submissions, which will be selected according to their relevance to geothermal technology use. This stream is mainly organised by EGEC and BvG, with help from the Scientific Committee.

Examples of keywords: policy, finance, public relations, market conditions, etc.

> Technology and Innovation – good practices

We welcome R&I results, new technical ideas, reports from ongoing and finished projects, monitoring experiences, environmental issues, technical rules, plant design methods, and anything else relevant to the production of power, heat, and cold from geothermal sources. Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) of reference for this stream is equal or higher than 6.

Submitted abstracts will be reviewed both for their technical soundness and their possible impact on the growth of geothermal energy. This stream is governed by the Scientific Committee, in cooperation with the European Technology & Innovation Platform on Deep Geothermal (ETIP-DG) and the Geothermal Panel of the European Technology and Innovation Platform on Renewable Heating & Cooling (RHC-ETIP).

Examples of keywords: shallow, deep, power, heating & cooling, storage, etc.

> Research and Development

With this stream, we expect to learn the latest news from scientific research with a clear focus on possible implications on geothermal energy use. Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) of reference for this stream is equal or lower than 5. Scrutiny for scientific excellence will be used in review for this category. This stream is governed by the Scientific Committee, in cooperation with the EERA Joint Programme on Geothermal and RHC-platform / geothermal TP for shallow geothermal.

Examples of keywords: electricity, heat, magmatic, basement-sedimentary, shallow etc.

Country Updates

A dedicated team will be in contact with prospective authors of the country update reports. If you wish to contribute to a country updated, contact the conference secretariat at

Practical Information

The language of the congress will be English. Deadline for receipt of abstracts is Friday 1st October 2021.

Participants who have already submitted their abstracts have the possibility to edit them.

Please submit your 1-page-abstracts (max 3,000 characters including space) via the online submission tool at For any issues with the online submission tool, please contact the secretariat at

The authors will be informed of the decision on acceptance of their abstracts by the end of 2021. Final papers will be required by Spring 2022. The papers (maximum 10 pages) will be published in the conference proceedings in electronic form.

Side events

Participants can organise a side event. For the side event, it is not mandatory to submit an abstract, but we encourage you to submit an abstract for increasing the visibility of your side event. The call for a side event will be opened this Autumn 2021, based on a first-come, first-served principle. Side events can be held from Monday 17 to Friday 21 October 2022. More details will come soon.

If you are interested please contact Consuelo Serrano (EGEC): or Desirée Reimer (BVG):

Conference fees

Information about the conference fees will be available at the beginning of 2022.

Key dates

Deadline to submit abstracts: 1st October 2021

Open call for side events: Autumn 2021

Decision about the acceptance of your abstract: by end 2021

Conference fees available: beginning 2022

Submission of full papers: Spring 2022

Congress dates: 17-21 October 2022