General Guidelines


Thank you for participating in the European Geothermal Congress (EGC) 2022. Whether you are presenting an oral or a poster,  below you will find all relevant guidelines and instructions.



The floorplan is subject to change. Additionally, if as an exhibitor you recognize that the number of your booth changed, rest assured it is only the number and not the position.


Design and Printing of ExpoWalls and counter front

Find here the specifications for the printing files for the ExpoWall and the counter front of the booth. Please send the printing files until 31 August 2022 and follow the instructions for the preparation of the files.

Listed as “running meters” is the size of the backwalls. Standard sized booths of 6 m² have an ExpoWall with 3 running meters. If you have bigger booths the sizes correspond as follows:

  • 6 m²: 3 running meters (measurements of booth: 3×2 metres)
  • 9 m²: 4.5 running meters (measurements of booth: 4.5×2 metres)
  • 12 m²: 6 running meters (measurements of booth: 6×2 metres)
  • 15 m²: 7.5 running meters (measurements of booth: 7.5×2 metres)
  • 18 m²: 9 running meters (measurements of booth: 9×2 metres)


Further equipment for booths

If you need further equipment for your booth, you can book it by filling out this form and sending it directly to the team of the venue:



Information on logistics

In case you want to send something directly to the venue, you can find here the information sheet on logistics . Deliveries will only be accepted during the set-up times booked on 17 October 2022, 06:00 hrs to 18:00 hrs.



Additional Information



Please feel free to contact us in case of any questions: