Drilling site by Huisman Equipment in Schiedam

Friday 14th June


Standard: 55 eur / person VAT Incl.

Max 30 participants.

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When: Friday 14th June 2019, 09:00 – 16:00

Huisman Geo is building on the extensive experience in designing and building equipment for the Offshore Drilling market, Huisman also designs and delivers equipment for drilling geothermal wells. The very small footprint and containerized design assure an excellent mobility and make it ideal for use in high density urban areas. Geothermal projects include drilling of 6 geothermal wells in the city centre of The Hague, in Bergschenhoek and Pijnacker, in The Netherlands.One project in Denmark and 1 project in Austria.

The Huisman Innovation Tower (HIT) is a 96m high test drill tower, capable of handling 55 m (180 ft) stands and 46 m (150 ft) riser and with the ability to simulate dynamical vessel movements. The HIT is located at the Huisman Schiedam quayside and is used, among others, for demonstration and testing purposes. The rig can be used to drill Ultra Deep Geothermal wells up to 10km deep


  • 3.6 mln lbs (1,630mt) rated load;
  • Full scale setback drum;
  • Dual drum draw works/splittable blocks;
  • Open drill floor construction to allow installation of several types of rotary tables and/or hang-off equipment;
  • Active/passive heave compensation systems;
  • Drill floor 6m above ground level;
  • Test well:
    • – Ø 118”up to 50m
    • – Ø 20”up to 400m
  • Static angle: 5 degrees;
  • Dynamic angle: +/- 2 degrees.


Schedule of the excursion

9:00 | Departure from World Forum

10.00 | Arrival at Huisman and visit the largest drilling rig of the world (HIT). Presentation of Huisman Equipment.

11.00 | Operational demonstration of HIT

12.00 | Lunch

13.00-15.00 | Presentations

16.00 | Arrival World Forum