Nearly 400 papers submitted to EGC 2016; An encouraging signal for the sector.

The increase in submissions to the 2016 edition, compared to the 281 submitted in 2013, demonstrates the increasing interest and activity in the geothermal sector, and gives an insight into the hottest topics in geothermal in 2015/2016.

Most papers were entered into the science stream, followed by technology and Best practice.

 The five most popular topics are:

Abstracts by streamAbstracts submitted by stream

In addition to the papers submitted this year, the congress will also hear from industrial, political and public affairs experts on all aspects of geothermal use and development

What happens next

The work of the scientific committee will now begin, with the process due to end in January 2016. Accepted authors will need to complete and submit their full papers by the end of April 2016.

Authors can check the status of their paper at any time by logging into their account.