Introducing the European Geothermal Congress

Strasbourg, this truly European city in the plains of the Rhine Graben, will provide the background for the next European Geothermal Congress, EGC 2016. After the highly successful EGC 2013 in Pisa, it is time to convene again and to take stock of the current deployment of geothermal energy in Europe, of the knowledge and experience gathered, of the potential still to unlock. EGC 2016 also will provide a stage to present and discuss new developments in science, technology, industry, and policy of geothermal energy on our continent.

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The venue is in central Europe, located in one of the premier geothermal features in Europe outside volcanic areas, the Upper Rhine Graben. Spas famous since ancient times line the Eastern and Western faults of the Graben, with world famous Baden-Baden (the Roman “Aquae Aureliae”) just 60 km Northeast of Strasbourg.

The geothermal anomaly and hot waters in the Graben sediments are the basis of numerous geothermal plants, including the first operational EGS plants in Europe. Geothermal energy is used in this region for power, heat, and cold, in plants both deep and shallow.

There are also areas in the Upper Rhine Graben where we have seen scepticism, poor public perception and even opposition to geothermal energy; public acceptance of geothermal projects will play a vital role for the future of the sector, and this is an excellent place to learn
Strasbourg is also not far from the areas of early geophysical well logging in the Pechelbronn oilfield in 1927, so contributions on the use of such tools for geothermal energy would be appreciated.

We invite all players in the geothermal sector to contribute to EGC 2016, to present their newest findings and ideas, to discuss scientific results as well as new project developments, to consider the necessary steps in policy and regulation; in short, to help to grow the geothermal energy network in Europe. With a deadline for abstracts of 31 October 2015, we hope to enable many of you to respond to the call.

We are grateful to all those supporting the event and helping to make the congress successful, and would like to mention in particular the main sponsor, Groupe ÈS, for providing the support without which we could not have started organising EGC 2016!

Dr. Horst Kreuter,
IGA European
Regional Branch
Bernard Kempf,
ÉS director of
development and
external relations
Dr. Burkhard Sanner,
EGEC President