Wednesday 21/09/2016

 Parallel 1 (Policy and Markets) Parallel 2 (Science) Parallel 3 (Science / Technology) Parallel 4 (Technology) Parallel 5 (Technology) JDLG
Plenary Room Cassin La géothermie des réseaux de chaleur
09:00 Plenary Keynotes Welcome by session chair Jean-Jacques Graff 9h20 – 9h30 Introduction Jean-Marc BERTRAND (DALKIA)
09:10 Keynote 1 EGC 2016 Country Update Report Summary 9h30 – 9h50 PAC haute température sur réseaux de chaleur Frédéric ALLEAUME (Johnson Controls)  +
09:35 Keynote 2 Genter et al Geology, Geophysics and Geochemistry in the Upper Rhine Graben – the frame for geothermal energy use 9h50 – 10h10  Comité Technique Géothermie sur Aquifères Profonds : promouvoir et consolider les bonnes pratiques Norbert BOMMENSATT (ADEME) + (ENTREPOSE DRILLING)
10:00 Keynote 3 Spitler, J Latest developments and trends in Ground Source Heat Pump Technology 10h10 – 10h30 Investir dans la géothermie : monter un projet et son financement Arnaud SUSPLUGAS (KYOTHERM)+ Philippe JAMET (Dalkia)
10:30 Coffee Break
Legislation and Market for Geo-DH P3 Geophysics (methodology, general) S3 Geothermal wells T3a Environmental issues T3b Geothermal Heat Pumps T3c 11.00 – 11.20 Géothermie : une vision à long terme  Emile VIGNACOURT (Syndicat Mixte géothermie de Chelles) + Michel ANDRES (SEMHACH)
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Session chair: Beata Kepinska Session chair: Clement Baujard Session chair: Miklos Antics Session chair: Ric Pasquali Session chair: Javier Urchueguia
11:00 Angelino, L; Dumas, P; Kepinska, B; Torsello, L; Bonciani, D Regulatory and market frameworks for geothermal district heating: A review of existing practices P3-1 Farina, B; Poletto, F; Carcione J M Seismic wave simulation in poro-viscoelastic hot rocks S3-1 Hamm, V; Bouzit; M; Lopez, S Assessment of complex well architectures performances for the geothermal exploitation of the Paris basin: a modeling and economic analysis T3a-1 Blum, P Life cycle assessment of geothermal power generation T3b-1 Michalski, A; Fütterer, J; Klitzsch, N; Clauser, C Long-term Performance of a Borehole Heat Exchanger Field Connected to a Multifunctional Office Building T3c-1
11:20 Szita G How geothermal has changed people’s thinking in Veresegyház? P3-2 Ucar, E; Berre, I; Keilegavlen, E; Nordbotten, J Modelling of the Shear Dilation Based Hydraulic Stimulation in Enhanced Geothermal Systems Considering Fractures in Different Scales S3-2 Ungemach, P; Antics, M; Promis, M-P Extended Reach Wells for Enhanced Heat Production T3a-2 Guglielmetti, L; Batini. F; Lisi, S; Bellini, F; Trinciarelli, V; Pucci, M Well engineering and simulation for Non-Condensable Gases Total Reinjection systems T3b-2 Philippe, M; Chalhoub, M; Maragna, C; Juilllac, L Experimental studies for improving the performances of compact coil ground heat exchangers T3c-2 11.20 – 11.40 Innover dans les doublets géothermiques : diagnostics, matériaux, réservoirs CFG Services + GPC IP
11:40 Danneels, S City-wide District Heat Network powered by Deep Geothermal in Stoke-on-Trent (UK) P3-3 Gaucher, E; Gesret, A; Noble, M; Kohl, T New Bayesian formulation to integrate body-wave polarizations in non-linear earthquake location S3-3 Hartmann, W Well Completion in European Geothermal Applications – Best Practice and Project Examples T3a-3 Fedeli, M; Mannari, M; Sansone, F Bagnore 4: a benchmark for geothermal power plant environmental compliance T3b-3 Bussmann, G GeoStar – a Scalable Borehole Heat Exchanger System for District Heating Systems and Constricted Large Urban Infrastructures T3c-3 11h40 – 12.00 Travaux et contraintes urbaines : les enjeux Daniel HERRERA (SMP) + Jean-Luc NICAISE (AGEMO)
12:00 Chatenay, C; Johannesson, T; Albertsson, A; Thorsteinsson, H H; Atlason, I How policy, technology and innovation can foster geothermal district heating development – An Icelandic case study P3-4 Hinderer, J; Calvo, M; Abdelfettah, Y; Ferhat, G; Riccardi, U; Hector, B; Bernard, J-D; Littel, F Hybrid gravity monitoring of a geothermal reservoir S3-4 Law, R; Bridgland, D Development and deployment of deep geothermal single well systems T3a-4 Anibas, C; Kukral, J; Huysmans, M Assessing the quantitative potential of seasonal aquifer thermal energy storage and recovery in the Brussels-Capital Region using combined 3D- groundwater flow, heat and reactive transport modeling T3b-4 Ignatowicz, M; Acuña, J; Melinder, Å; Palm, B Methods of BHE flushing, charging and purging in Sweden T3c-4 12.00 – 12h20 Table ronde et échanges avec la salle
12:20 Dumas, P; Angelino, L The role of public authorities in supporting financially geothermal and the impact of new State aid rules and market design for geothermal electricity P3-5 Sahara, D; Schoenball, M; Mueller, B; Kohl, T Inferring stress heterogeneities in fractured crystalline reservoir from an analysis of borehole breakout S3-5 Recalde Lummer, N; Block, R; Engert, F. Specially Customized System for Cementing Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) Casings – Development and First Field Trial in a Geothermal Well T3a-5 Canalis, L; Ceppa, L; Comina, C; Degiorgis, L; Giordano, N; Giuliani, A; Mandrone, G; Marcon, G How open-loop heat pumps on lakes can help environmental control T3b-5 Bockelmann, F; Sanner, B; Kühl, L; Mands, E; Petruszek, T System optimisation of ground-coupled heat- and cold supply for office buildings T3c-5 12.20 – 12.30 Clôture de la session “Usages directs”
12:45 Lunch
13:45 Poster Session Géothermie haute énergie
Geothermal Risk and Cost Panel P4 EGS and fractures S4a Upper Rhine Graben S4b Exploration, EGS and other T4a Geothermal Heat Pumps T4b
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Session chair: Burkhard Sanner Session chair: Jean Schmittbuhl Session chair: David Bruhn Session chair: Horst Kreuter Session chair: Robin Curtis 14h00 – 14h10 Introduction – état de la filière Jean-Jacques GRAFF (ES Géothermie)
14:15 14:15      Imolauer, K; Ueltzen, M Statement:       Risk Mitigation Systems in Comparison P4-1 Meller, C Implication of hydrothermal alteration for geomechanical processes associated with EGS projects S4a-1 Heimlich, C; Masson, F; Schmittbuhl, J Geodetic analysis of surface deformation at the power plant of Landau (Germany) related to the 2013-2014 event S4b-1 Meier, P; Ollinger, D Monte Carlo flow rate simulations for the multi-stage EGS stimulation concept of the Haute-Sorne pilot project (Canton Jura, Switzerland) T4a-1 Tafur, R; de Santiago, C; Pardo de Santayana, F; Urchueguía, J F; de Groot, M Thermo-mechanical behaviour of a thermo-active precast pile T4b-1 14h10 – 14h30 La vision des pouvoirs publics : état de la filière française et maitrise des risques Paul BONNETBLANC (DGEC) – Xavier ARNOULT (DREAL Grand Est)
14:35 14:30    Henneberger, R Statement:     Modeling and Risk Mitigation in Geothermal Projects P4-2 Jupe, A Probabilistic approaches in EGS seismic hazard assessment S4a-2 Vallier, B; Magnenet, V; Fond, C; Schmittbuhl, J Three dimensional THM modelling of the Soultz-sous-Forêts geothermal reservoir S4b-2 Ádám, L; Cladouhos, T Challenges of South Hungarian EGS Demonstration Project T4a-2 Cuny, M; Lin, J; Fond, C; Siroux, M Influence of surrounding soil types on the energy efficiency of earth-air heat exchanger T4b-2 14h30 – 14h50 Le Cluster GEODEEP : enjeux et perspectives Sylvain BROGLE (Clemessy) – Jean-Philippe SOULE (Fonroche)
14:55 15:00    Dumas, P Statement:    Deep drilling costs reduction P4-4 Schulze Darup, M; Renner, J Automatic pressure control in enhanced geothermal systems S4a-3 Abdelfettah, Y; Sailhac, P; Girard, J F; Dalmais, E; Maurer, V Magnetotelluric profile crossing the GRT1-2 geothermal doublet of the Rittershoffen EGS project, northern Alsace S4b-3 Hogarth, R; Baisch, S; Jung, RT Jolokia EGS – the limits of hydraulic stimulation T4a-3 Dalla Santa, G, Galgaro, A, Farina, Z, Rühaak, W, Anbergen, H, Di Sipio, E Modelling Thermo-Hydraulic Coupled Phase Change Processes of BHE Induced Ground Freezing T4b-3 14h50 – 15h10 La structuration des Centres d’excellence Frédéric MASSON (EOST) Philippe LAPLAIGE (ADEME)
15:15 15:15 Shoshan, G. Multi Application Solution for Geothermal Resources P4-5 Beuster, R; Gaucher, E; Meixner, J; Kohl, T A method to interpret induced seismicity clouds as a fracture network S4a-4 Kinnaert, X; Gaucher, E; Kohl, T; Achauer, U Modelling Focal Mechanism Errors of Seismicity Induced at Rittershoffen Geothermal Field (Alsace, France) S4b-4 Sahara, D; Meller, C; Gaucher, E; Kohl, T Characterization of the geomechanical properties of deep EGS reservoir rock from borehole and hydraulic data T4a-4 Mendrinos, D; Karytsas, C Monitoring results after 12 months of provision of heating and cooling at the 8 demonstration buildings of the European project “Ground-Med” T4b-4 15h10 – 15h30 Les technologies au service des ressources haute température Antonio MENDES NAZARE (Aqylon), Jean-Paul CRABEIL (FLODIM)
15:35 15:30 Roundtable Discussion Blaisonneau, A A simplified operational strategy combining well architecture and hydraulic stimulation for EGS S4a-5 Lengliné, O; Boubacar, M; Schmittbuhl, J Seismicity related to the hydraulic stimulation of GRT1, Rittershoffen, Alsace, France S4b-5 Prieto, A M; Archer, R Rock typing in geothermal reservoirs: application of textural descriptors T4a-5 Mands, E; Sauer, M; Grundmann, E; Sanner, B Shallow geothermal energy use in industry in Germany T4b-5 15h30 – 15h50 Les clés de succès du projet ECOGI Daniel LEIBEL (Electricité de Strasbourg) – Patrick FRANCOIS (Caisse des Dépôts et de Consignation)
15:55 Coffee Break 15h50 – 16h10 L’acceptabilité sociétale des projets de haute énergie Elodie JEANDEL (EIFER) – Philippe CHAVOT (LISEC)
From NER 300 to innovation Fund P5 Geothermal fields S5 Exploration T5a Upper Rhine Graben T5b UTES T5c 16h10-16h30 Conclusions et échanges avec la salle
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Session chair: Philippe Dumas Session chair: Jan-Diederik van Wees Session chair: Ruggero Bertani Session chair: Philippe Laplaige Session chair: Burkhard Sanner
16:30 16:30 Dumas, P 16:40 Schulze, R 16:50 Uihlein, A 17:00 Galloni, S Introduction and welcome EIB presenting its instruments The NER 300 programme EC DG RTD presenting its instrument ter Heege, J Fault permeability models for geothermal doublet designs S5-1 Nador, A; Zilahi-Sebess, L Entering geothermal energy into the UNFC-2009 classification system: case studies of direct-use projects from Hungary T5a-1 Baujard, C; Genter, A; Dalmais, E; Maurer, V; Hehn, R; Rosillette, R Temperature and hydraulic properties of the Rittershoffen EGS reservoir, France T5b-1 Bär, K; Rühaak, W; Welsch, B; Schulte, D; Homuth, S; Sass, I Seasonal high temperature heat storage with medium deep borehole heat exchangers – a conceptual case study T5c-1 16h30 – 17h30 CAFE SUR L’EXPOSITION
Remise des Trophées AFPG
16:50 17:10 Von Düring, B Geothermae (CLEAG) Alçiçek, H; Bülbül, A; Alçiçek, M C Hydrogeochemistry of the thermal waters from the Pamukkale-Karahayit Geothermal Field (Denizli Basin, Southwestern Anatolia, Turkey) S5-2 Daniilidis, A; Doddema, L; Herber, R Assessing geothermal risk prior to drilling T5a-2 Heimlich, C; Masson, F; Schmittbuhl, J; Ferhat, G Geodetic measurements for geothermal sites monitoring at Soultz-sous-Forêts and Rittershoffen deep geothermal sites T5b-2 Veldkamp, H; Pluymaekers, M; van Wees, J D; Vandeweijer, V High Temperature Storage in the Dutch shallow subsurface – critical factors and economic feasibility T5c-2
17:10 17:20 Salànki, Z South Hungarian EGS Demonstration (Mannvit/EU-Fire) Ingolfsson, H P Deep roots of geothermal systems, a GEORG collaborative project S5-3 Schaaf, T; Egermann, P; Patriarche, D; Promis, M-P Probabilistic forecasts of well flow rate and spacing for low enthalpy geothermal projects T5a-3 Lehujeur M, Le Chenadec A, Vergne J, Schmittbul J and the EstOf-Team Ambient seismic noise tomography using the dense array “EstOf” for deep geothermal exploration, Alsace, France T5b-3 Kujbus, A Underground Thermal Energy Storage Opportunities in the Pannonian Basin T5c-3
17:30 17:30 Panel discussion Armadillo, E; Rizzello, D; Stimac, J; Zemedkun, M; Kebede, S The ARGeo geophysical model of the Tendaho geothermal field, Ethiopia S5-4 Guillon, T; Peter-Borie, M; Gentier, S; Blaisonneau, A Stress distribution as an indicator for exploration well siting T5a-4 Ravier; Dalmais; Maurer; Cuenot Towards a comprehensive environmental monitoring of a geothermal power plant in the Rhine graben T5b-4 Tordrup, K W; Poulsen, S E; Bjørn, H Calibration of a finite element model of a borehole thermal energy storage in FEFLOW: model and numerical considerations T5c-4
17:50 18:00 EGEC  Comments and closing Tezel, T; Foulger G R; Julian B R Relative Microearthquake Locations at the Geysers S5-5 Bonciani; Marianelli; Sbrana; Torsello Geo4P – Geothermal Pilot Project Pisan Plain: quantitative assessment of very low, low and medium temperature shallow geothermal resources T5a-5 Maurer, V; Lehujeur, M; Richard, A; Vergne, J Ground vibrations caused by geothermal drilling operations: a case study from the Rittershoffen EGS project (Alsace, France) T5b-5 Bloemendal, M; Hartog, N After the boom: an evaluation of Dutch ATES systems for energy efficiency and optimal subsurface space use T5c-5
18:10 EGEC AGM  Room: Madrid (until 19:00)
20:00 EGEC DINNER Eurométropole de Strasbourg: Welcome event, Museum of Modern Art