Tuesday 20/09/2016

Plenary / Parallel 1 (Policy and Markets) Parallel 2 (Science) Parallel 3 (Technology) Parallel 4 (Technology)
10:00 Opening Session
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Opening of Exhibition and Poster Display
Geothermal Market Panel P1 Geology S1 Subsurface Technology for Power T1a Exploration T1b Géothermie très basse énergie assistée par pompe à chaleur
Room Madrid 2   Room Rome   Room Amsterdam   Room Londres 2
Session Chair: Burkhard Sanner Session chair: Ernst Huenges Session chair: Albert Genter Session chair: Pierre Ungemach 14h00 – 14h15 Introduction Jean-Marc PERCEBOIS (WATERKOTTE)
14:15 Dumas, P; Angelino, L Impulse presentation:            The EGEC Market report 2015 P1-1 Limberger, J; van Wees, J-D; Pluymaekers, M; Tesauro, M; Cloetingh, S Assimilation of subsurface temperature data to improve the thermo-mechanical model of the European lithosphere S1-1 Alimonti, C; Soldo, E; Bocchetti, D; Berardi, D A Matrix method to select the more suitable extraction technology for the Campi Flegrei geothermal area (taly) T1a-1 Moscariello, A Geothermal Exploration in SW Switzerland T1b-2 14h15 – 14h35 Le titre V système “geocooling”, la thermo frigo pompe  Paul JALET (CSTB) + Jean-Marc PERCEBOIS (WATERKOTTE)
14:35 14:45       Conti, P; Passaleva, G; Cataldi, R Statement: A Prudent Outlook of Geothermal Development in Italy by 2030 P1-3 Skulason Kaldal, G; Thorbjornsson, O Thermal expansion of casings in geothermal wells and possible mitigation of resultant axial strain T1a-2 14h35 – 14h55  Modélisation et réalisation d’un champ de sondes Charles MARAGNA (BRGM) + Régis EME (MANNFOR)
14:55        Juhasz, P; Kovacs, P Statement: Here be dragons – Challenges of geothermal projects in Hungary P1-4 14:40          Bonte, D; Limberger, J; Lipsey, L; Cloetingh, S; van Wees, J-D Data assimilation for the investigation for temperature variations in the Paris Basin and the Netherlands S1-2 14:40         Sosio, G; Boivineau, A-S; Burachok, O; Baujard, C; Dalmais, E Integrated Geological, Fluid Flow and Geomechanical Model of a Geothermal Field T1b-2
14:55 15:05     Consolandi, S Statement: Proven operational results of the radial outflow turbine in both 1 and 2 pressure level cycles P1-5 Stapleton, M; Weres, O; Gulgor, A; Helvaci, E Brine Chemistry, Scale Inhibitors and Dosing Systems Used at the Germencik Geothermal Field, Turkey T1a-3 14h55 – 15h15 La géothermie dans les métropoles Jean-Baptiste BERNARD (ECOME) + Xavier du CHAYLA (GEOTHER)
15:15 15:15          Guercio, M Statement: Turboden’s ORC grid balancing capability P1-6 15:05     Siratovich, P; Villeneuve, M; Heap, M; Kennedy, B Deformation, Strength, and Failure Mode of Deep Geothermal Reservoir Rocks S1-3 Rauch, A; Weimann, T Pressure Retention Valve for Subsurface Applications T1a-4 15:05        Sosio, G; Boivineau, A-S; Burachok, O; Baujard, C; Dalmais, E Integrated Geological, Fluid Flow and Geomechanical Model of a Geothermal Field T1b-3 15h15 – 15h35 La boucle d’eau géothermique très basse énergie :
SMART GRIDS thermiques
15:35 15:25 Roundtable Discussion 15:30    Nunes, J C; Martins Carvalho, J; do Rosário Carvalho, M New geologic insights for the Pico Alto Geothermal Field (Terceira Island, Azores, Portugal) as a key tool for its conceptual modelling S1-4 Stamnes, Ø; Kolberg, S; Hjelstuen, M; Røed, M; Knudsen, S Development of a Novel Logging Tool for 450°C Geothermal Wells T1a-5 15:30              Bär, K; Strom, A; Reinsch, T; Sippel, J; Freymark, J; Mielke, P; Wiesner, P IMAGE petrophysical catalogue – an international database for reservoir characterization T1b-4 15h35 – 15h55 Le décret de géothermie de “minime importance” et la qualification : retours après un an d’application Martine Leclercq (DGEC) + Eric GARROUSTET (SFEG)
15:55 Coffee Break
Policy, Research, Sustainability P2 Geochemistry S2a Geology and Geophysics S2b Geothermal Power T2 16h30 – 16h55  Fonds Chaleur & Fonds froid Astrid CARDONA-MAESTRO (ADEME) + (FEDENE)
Room Madrid 2   Room Rome   Room Amsterdam   Room Londres 2
Session chair: Thor-Erik Musaeus Session chair: Bernard Sanjuan Session chair: Frederic Masson Session chair: Marco Baresi
16:30 Angelino, L New state aid rules and market design in the European Union: What impact for geothermal electricity? P2-1 Degering, D; Dietrich, N; Krüger, F; Scheiber, J; Wolfgramm, M; Köhler, M Radium isotope concentrations in deep geothermal fluids as finger prints of the aquifer rocks S2a-1 Griffiths, L; Heap, M; Baud, P; Schmittbuhl, J A new setup for studying thermal microcracking through acoustic emission monitoring S2b-1 Heberle, F; Eller, T; Brüggemann, D Thermo-economic evaluation of one- and double-stage ORC for geothermal combined heat and power production T2-1
16:50 Petitclerc, E; Piessens, K; Maes, D Impact of policy instruments on the development of the Belgian geothermal energy sector (ALPI project) P2-2 Kraml, M; Jodocy, M; Reinecker, J; Leible, D; Freundt, F; Al Najem, S; Schmidt, G; Aeschbach-Hertig, W; Isenbeck-Schroeter, M TRACE: Detection of permeable sections of deep reaching fault zones using a low budget isotope-geochemical surface exploration method in the Upper Rhine Graben, Germany S2a-2 Schmittbuhl, J; Stormo, A; Lengliné, O; Jestin, C; Hansen, A b-value variations and fracture pinning S2b-2 Alimonti, C; Soldo, E; Berardi, D; Bocchetti, D A comparison between energy conversion systems for a power plant im Campi Flegrei geothermal district on a wellbore heat exchanger T2-2
17:10 Petursdottir, H; van Campen, B Geothermal Sustainability Regulation in Iceland and New Zealand P2-3 Leal, A M M; Kong, X-Z; Saar, M O Fluid-rock interactions in geothermal processes: their importance and their computational modeling S2a-3 Piasentin, A The triple porosity model as a microsystem constraint to the joint petrophysical and seismic reservoir characterization of carbonate formations S2b-3 Pasqui, G; Dal Porto, F; Fedeli, M Geothermal power plant production boosting by biomass combustion T2-3

16h55 – 17h25

Tables ronde et échanges avec la salle
17:30 Johannesson, G A; Ingolfsson, H P; Petursson, B; Ramsak, P; Manzella, A; Schreiber, S; Siddiqi, G; Björnsson, S European cooperation on geothermal research through the GEOTHERMAL ERA NET P2-4 Kong, X-Z; Leal, A M M; Saar M O Implications of hydrothermal flow-through experiments on deep geothermal energy utilization S2a-4 Weisenberger, T B; Ingimarsson, H; Lévy, L; Hersir, G P; Flóvenz, O G Validation of Cation Exchange Capacity on Resistivity Logs S2b-4 Fridleifsson, G O; Bogason, S G; Ingolfsson, H P; Vergnes, P; Thorbjörnsson, I O, Peter-Borie, M, Kohl, T; Gaucher, E; Edelmann, T; Bertani, R; Sæther, S; Palsson, B Deployment of deep Enhanced Geothermal Systems for sustainable energy business T2-4 17h25 – 17h30 Clôture de la session “géothermie assistée par PAC”
17:50 Toth, A N E-learning: A New Approach to Geothermal Education P2-5 Wasch L Scaling potential during (CO2) degassing in geothermal installations S2a-5 Donselaar, M E; Bruhn, D F; Nick, H M; Ziabakhshganji, Z. Thermally-enhanced oil recovery from stranded fields: Synergy potential for geothermal and oil exploitation S2b-5 Vaccaro, M; Batini, F; Stolzuoli, M; Bianchi, S; Pizzoli, R Geothermal ORC plant case study in Italy: Castelnuovo Pilot Project – Design and technical features T2-5
18:10 end of the day 18h00 – 20h00 Assemblée générale AFPG