Thursday 22/09/2016

Parallel 1 (Policy and Markets) Parallel 2 (Science) Parallel 3 (Science) Parallel 4 (Technology) Parallel 5 (Technology) JDLG
Semi Plenary Science Room Madrid Semi Plenary Technology Room Londres
09:00 Semi Plenary Science Welcome by session chair Adele Manzella Semi Plenary Technology Welcome by session chair Christian Boissavy JDLG Site visit
09:10 Keynote S1 Tester, J U.S. geothermal research examples aimed at lowering development risks and increasing value Keynote T1 Baria, R; Baumgärtner, J; Teza, D; Bennett, T; Jupe, A Development of geothermal technology to address the climate change issue in the densely populated areas of the world
09:35 Keynote S2 Reinsch et al Geothermal R&D, new projects and perspectives for basic scientific research Keynote T2 Sanner, B Shallow Geothermal Energy – History, Development, Current Status, and Future Prospects
10:00 Keynote S3 Bianco, C; Brogi, A; Ciacci, M; Dini, A; Friðleifsson, G O ; Helgadóttir, H M; Liotta, D; Montegrossi, G; Ruggieri, G; Rimondi, V; Zucchi, M Understanding of magmatic geothermal systems from studies of exhumed systems in continental and oceanic settings Keynote T3 Hellström, G; Gehlin, S Shallow Geothermal Energy – Where Does the Energy Come From?
10:30 Coffee Break
Legislation and Market for GSHP P6 Numerical modelling S6a Upper Rhine Graben S6b Smart Grids and District Heating T6a Thermal properties T6b JDLG Site visit
Room Londres   Room Madrid   Room Rome   Room Amsterdam Room Luxembourg
Session chair: Joachim Poppei Session chair: Ruggero Bertani Session chair: Thomas Kohl Session chair: Søren Berg Lorenzen Session chair: Konstantin Karytsas
11:00 Dumas, P Regeocities: integration of shallow geothermal systems in urban planning P6-1 Nusiaputra, Y Y; Dimier, A; Kohl, T A two-phase geothermal wellbore-simulator to model THC behaviour using Elmer-Phreeqc S6a-1 Abdelfettah, Y; Calvo, M; Hinderer, J; Dalmais, E; Maurer, V Using gravity in geothermal exploration: case study of Wissembourg area, northern Alsace S6b-1 Verhoeven, R; Eijdems, H Update (Geo-) Thermal Smart Grid Mijnwater Heerlen T6a-1 Sauer, M; Mands, E; Grundmann; E; Sanner, B Experiences from use of TRT (Thermal Response Test) in the design praxis for BHE (Borehole Heat Exchanger): lessons learned, enhanced information, new developments T6b-1
11:20 Majuri, P Practitioners’ observations on the policies, regulation and environmental impacts of ground source energy use in Finland P6-2 Nick, H M; Paluszny, A; Bruhn, D F A numerical study of THMC coupled processes in fractured geothermal reservoirs S6a-2 Vidal, J; Genter, A; Schmittbuhl, J; Whitechurch, H; Baujard, C; Dalmais, E Natural fractures and permeability at the geothermal site Rittershoffen, France S6b-2 Hahn, F HT-MTES: Seasonal heat storage in abandoned coal mines T6a-2 Galgaro, A; Bernardi, A; Bertermann, D; De Carli, M; Cultrera, M; Dalla Santa, G; Di Sipio, E; Graci, S; Vivarelli, A; Di Tuccio, M; Mueller, J; Pera, S; Pokele, L; Poletto, D; Zarella, A CHEAP and safe, an European Project for cheaper and safer low enthalpy geothermal applications. A geological context point of view T6b-2
11:40 Curtis, R H; Pine, T RHI – Incentive or Inhibitor to UK GSHP growth ? P6-3 Sailhac, P; Larnier, H; Abdelfettah, Y; Schill, E Modelling the sensitivity of magnetotelluric monitoring data to geothermal fluids at depth in Northern Alsace S6a-3 Hehn, R; Genter, A; Vidal, J; Baujard, C Stress field rotation in the EGS well GRT-1 (Rittershoffen, France) S6b-3 Rostampour, V; Bloemendal, M; Jaxa-Rozen, M; Keviczky, T Building and Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage Model in Smart Grids T6a-3 Cazorla-Marín, A; Ruiz-Calvo, F; Montero, Á; Martos, J; Montagud, C; Corberán, J M Estimating Ground Thermal Properties of a Borehole Heat Exchanger using the B2G Dynamic Model T6b-3
12:00 Angelino, L Market conditions and public support for geothermal heat pump technology: What key successful factors? P6-4 Kasmaee, S; Zurlo, R; Tinti, F; Ferrari, M; di Bella, R; Voza, A; Boldini, A; Bruno, R Use of Universal Kriging as a tool to estimate mountain temperature distribution affected by underground infrastructures: the case of the Brenner Base Tunnel S6a-4 Lucas, Y; Ngo, V; Clement, A; Fritz, B A coupled thermo-hydro-geochemical modelling approach of the evolution of mineralogy in the EGS geothermal system of Soultz-sous-Forêts S6b-4 Engel, C Deep Geothermal for District Heating and Spa resorts in Romania and Bulgaria T6a-4 Pasquali, R; Murray, S; Long, M; McAteer, J Characterising Ground Thermal Properties in Ireland – an approach to improving ground source collector design T6b-4
12:20 Jaxa-Rozen, M; Bloemendal, M; Rostampour, V; Kwakkel, J Assessing the sustainable application of Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage P6-5 Niederau, J; Büsing, H; Clauser, C; Thorwart, M; Dini, I; Bertani, R The impact of uncertainty in geologcial models on hydrothermal simulations S6a-5 Aichholzer, C; Duringer, P; Orciani, S; Genter, A New stratigraphic interpretation of the Soultz-sous-Forêts’ geothermal wells based on Rittershoffen (Upper Rhine Graben, France) S6b-5 Rybach, L Influence factors in the depth domain of borehole heat exchangers – global warming and urban heating T6a-5 Merényi, L; Szilágyi; P Measuring and analysing the underground temperature and heat flux changes for the local assessment of the shallow geothermal potential T6b-5
12:45 Lunch
13:45 Poster Session
Public perception and acceptance P7 Geophysics and regional models S7a Geophysics, focus on SW-Iceland S7b Drilling T7a Technology and Innovation T7b JDLG Site visit
Room Madrid   Room Rome   Room Amsterdam   Room Londres 2   Room Londres 1
Session chair: Annamaria Nador Session chair: Burkahrd Sanner Session chair: David Bruhn Session chair: Clément Baujard Session chair: Inga Berre
14:15 van Douwe, A The citizens’ initiative in deep geothermal energy P7-1 Balling, N; Fuchs, S; Poulsen, S E; Bording, T S; Nielsen, S B; Mathiesen, A; Nielsen, L H Development of a numerical 3D geothermal model for Denmark S7a-1 Kristjansdottir, S; Agustsson, K; Gudmundsson, O; Lund, B; Bodvarsson, R; Tryggvason, A; Fehler, M Induced seismicity during reinjection of wastewater in a geothermal field at Hengill, SW Iceland S7b-1 Bazargan, M; Gudmundsson, A; Meredith, P Using Laser Assisted Drilling Method with MPD And UBD Condition In Case Of Geothermal Resources T7a-1 Dumas, P; Urchueguia, J F; Sanner, B European Geothermal technology Roadmap: status and implementation T7b-1
14:35 Pellizzone, A; Agnes; Roberto; Adele; Giovanni Social Acceptance and Responsibility in Central Italy P7-2 Coppo, N; Darnet, M; Harcouët-Menou, V; Wawrzyniak, P; Manzella, A; Bretaudeau, F; Romano, G;  Lagrou, D; Girard, J-F Characterization of Deep Geothermal Energy Resources in low enthalpy sedimentary basins in Belgium using Electro-Magnetic Methods – CSEM and MT results S7a-2 Jousset, P; Blanck, H; Franke, S; Agustsson, K; Metz, M; Ryberg, T; Hersir, G P; Weemstra, C; Verdel, A; Bruhn, D Seismic tomography of Reykjanes, SW Iceland S7b-2 Jamali, S Innovative Thermal Drilling Technologies based on mechanically assisted LaserJet Drilling (LJD) for hard rock (geothermal) applications T7a-2 Randeberg, E; Kragset, S; Lohne, H P; Arild Ø Technology Roadmap for Geothermal Hard Rock Drilling T7b-2
14:55 Stahl, L Acceptance of Geothermal Projects in a Critical Environment in the Upper Rhine Graben P7-3 Galgaro, A; Cultrera, M; Boaga J; Dalla Santa, G; di Sipio, E Thermal plume dispersion induced by shallow geothermal applications: the case study of Villaverla (Italy) S7a-3 Verdel, A; Wedemeijer, H; Paap, Bob; Vandeweijer, V; Weemstra, Cornelis; Jousset, P; Franke, S; Blanck, H; Agustsson, K; Hersir, P G Reykjanes ambient noise reflection interferometry S7b-3 Peters, E; Veldkamp, J G; Pluymaekers, M P D; Wilschut, F Radial jet drilling for Dutch geothermal applications T7a-3 Dumas, P; Sanner, B Smart thermal grids, geothermal integration into smart cities T7b-4
15:15 Chavot, P; Masseran, A; Serrano, Y Meanings of public consultation exercises concerning geothermal projects. The Strasbourg case P7-4 Carpentier, S; Steeghs, P; Boxem, T Seismic reprocessing and attributes for geothermal exploration: a case study in Friesland, Netherlands S7a-4 Weemstra, C; Obermann, A; Verdel, A; Paap, B; Blanck, H; Guðnason, E Á; Hersir, G P; Jousset, P; Sigurðsson, Ó Time-lapse seismic imaging of the Reykjanes geothermal reservoir S7b-4 Wittig, V Design and test of hydraulic DTH mud hammers to improve service life, ROP, borehole cleaning and control for deep, hard rock geothermal drilling T7a-4 Reinsch, T; Bruhn, D; SURE consortium Novel Productivity Enhancement Concept for a Sustainable Utilization of a Geothermal Resource – The SURE Project T7b-5
15:35 Coffee break
16:00 Closing Plenary (to 16:30)