GeoTrainet Training Course on Shallow Geothermal Technology

International short course on advances in shallow geothermal
technology and implementation

Course in the frame of GEOTRAINET


  • Prof. Dr. Robert Gavriliuc, Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest (Romania)
  • Dr. Burkhard Sanner, EGEG, Brussels (Belgium)
  • Prof. Dr. Javier Urchueguía, Universitat Politecnica di Valencia (Spain)
  • Dr Joerg Uhde, Stadtwerke Bad Waldsee GmbH (Germany)
10h00-10h30 Registration
10h30-13h00 Developments in Market, regulation, standards, building codes
10:30 Introduction

Market Development 2015

Burkhard Sanner
11:00 Status of standardisation for Shallow Geothermal in Europe

1. History of standards and guidelines

2. Guideline VDI 4640, new proposals

3. Other national activities on standards

4. CEN activities

Burkhard Sannner
11:30 Example: Design and Installation as to Spanish standard UNE 100715-1 Javier Urchueguía
12:00 Building codes and nZEB

1. Background of the concept

2. Proposed general definition

3. Terms and definitions

4. Technical aspects regarding the
implementation of the nZEB concept

5. Implementation of the nZEB concept
at national level

6. Cost optimality of nZEBs

7. Geothermal energy for nZEBs – case

Robert Gavriliuc
13h00-14h00 Lunch
Program (contirnued)
14h00-15h30 Update on design software, validation examples
14:00 Overview of design software

Numerical simulation

Javier Urchueguía
14:30 Explanation current software (EED, EWS)


Validation examples (including preview new EED version)

Burkhard Sanner
15h30-15h45 Break
15h45-18h30 Update on drilling, installation, Thermal Response Test
15:45 Drilling in built environment Jörg Uhde
16:30 BHE installation, monitoring and testing Burkhard Sanner (with material from Martin Sabel)
17h15-17h30 Break  
17:30 Thermal Response Test

1. New developments

2. New standards
(EN ISO 17628, VDI 4640-5)

3. Practical experience and hints

Burkhard Sanner

(partly with material from Marc Sauer)

18h30 End of course


Venue:  Congress Centre Strasbourg, room BOSTON (1st floor)

Please note that this is a draft programme that may change in the future

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