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Politics and Markets

Technology and Best Practice


Policy power Geology
Legal aspects Direct use Geophysics
Socio-economic aspects heat pumps Geochemistry
Financing and bankability UTES Thermodynamics
Public acceptance Exploration and planning Other
Other Environmental impacts & solutions


SessionAbstractIDTitleStreamTopicAuthorsPresentation type
3Surface Alteration and Manifestations of Mount Batur, Bali ScienceGeologyIrfan HamzahPoster presentation
4Geomechanical Analysis And Implications For Fracture Permeability In Reservoir At Wayang Windu Geothermal Field, Indonesia ScienceGeologyArif RifiyantoPoster presentation
5CFD Modeling of the Pump Performance with Different Water TemperatureTechnology and Best PracticeHeat pumpsMikhail P. StronginPoster presentation
7GEOTHERMAL RESOURCES OF UKRAINE ScienceGeophysicsGordienko Vadim V. | Gordienko Ivan V. | Zavgorodnjaja Olga V.Poster presentation
8Geothermal Heating and cooling Center for the Palace of Justice. KosovoTechnology and Best PracticeOtherRuslan TountovPoster presentation
T3a-49Development and deployment of deep geothermal single well systemsTechnology and Best PracticeDirect usesRyan Law | David BridglandOral Presentation
T7b-210Solar hybrid and geothermal combined – new system solution for renewablesTechnology and Best PracticeOtherPernilla GervindOral Presentation
11Isotopic Evaluation of Savcili Büyükoba (Kirsehir-Kaman) Geothermal Area ScienceGeochemistryYurteri, CansuPoster presentation
P4-212Modeling and Risk Mitigation in Geothermal ProjectsPolitics and Markets“bankability”Roger HennebergerOral Presentation
13Developing Geothermal Energy from Hydrothermal and EGS Sources while Minimizing Risks ScienceOthermohsen bazargan | Agust Gudmundsson | Philip MeredithPoster Presentation
T7a-214Using Laser Assisted Drilling Method with MPD And UBD Condition In Case Of Geothermal ResourcesTechnology and Best PracticeExploration and planningmohsen bazargan | Agust Gudmundsson | Philip MeredithOral Presentation
15Guideline for Locating Deep Geothermal Plants within Existing District Heating Network Areas Areas – Case Study for the German Ruhr RegionTechnology and Best PracticeEnvironmental impacts & solutionsLars K. KnutzenPoster presentation
16Challenges of geothermal Heat Pump with Gas boiler implementation in existing District HeatingTechnology and Best PracticeHeat pumpsJerome FaesslerPoster Presentation
S4b-217New Bayesian formulation to integrate body-wave polarizations in non-linear earthquake location ScienceGeophysicsEmmanuel GAUCHER | Alexandrine GESRET | Mark NOBLE | Thomas KOHLOral Presentation
S4a-418A method to interpret induced seismicity clouds as a fracture network ScienceGeophysicsRike BEUSTER | Emmanuel Gaucher | Jörg MEIXNER | Thomas KOHLOral Presentation
19Design, manufacturing and commissioning of the ECOGI’s heat exchangers at Rittershoffen (France): a case studyTechnology and Best PracticeDirect usesRavier | Huttenloch | Scheiber | Sioly | PerrotPoster presentation
20Hydrogeochemical and Environmental Isotopic Survey in Saraykent (Yozgat) Geothermal Field, Central Anatolia, Turkey ScienceGeochemistryÖzulukale, Sevim | ?im?ek, ?akirPoster presentation
T3a-521Specially Customized System for Cementing Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) Casings – Development and First Field Trial in a Geothermal WellTechnology and Best PracticeExploration and planningDr. Nils Recalde Lummer | Rolf Block | Florian EngertOral Presentation
22A New Geothermal Area-Camlidere (Ankara, Turkey) ScienceOtherAysegul CetinPoster presentation
P2-523E-learning: A New Approach to Geothermal EducationPolitics and MarketsOtherAniko Nora TothOral Presentation
T6-a525Deep Geothermal for District Heating and Spa resorts in Romania and BulgariaTechnology and Best PracticeDirect usesChristian EngelOral Presentation
26KAZAN (ANKARA) ?S A NEW GEOTHERMAL AREA ?N TURKEY ScienceGeologyFurkan Akpinar | Kemal Akpinar | Ay?egül Cetin | Fikri Ozturk | Ozen TurkerPoster presentation
27THE STORY OF A NEW GEOTHERMAL AREA EXPLORATION –GUDUL (ANKARA-TURKEY) ScienceGeologyKemal Akpinar | Furkan AkpinarPoster presentation
29Development of a numerical Platform for the Optimisation of Borehole Heat Exchanger FieldsTechnology and Best PracticeHeat pumpsMaragna, CharlesPoster presentation
S3-430Hybrid gravity monitoring of a geothermal reservoir ScienceGeophysicsHinderer Jacques | Calvo Marta | Abdelfettah Yassine | Ferhat Gilbert | Riccardi Umberto | Hector Basile | Bernard Jean-Daniel | Littel FrédericOral Presentation
32A new hydraulic concept for geothermal heating plants to achieve maximum geothermal contributionTechnology and Best PracticeOtherBichler, Christian | Schenk, WernerPoster presentation
S4a-133Implication of hydrothermal alteration for geomechanical processes associated with EGS projects ScienceGeologyCarola MellerOral Presentation
34The new Digital Geothermal Atlas of Catalonia for very Low TemperatureTechnology and Best PracticeExploration and planningGeorgina Arnó Pons | Ignasi Herms Canellas | Víctor Camps Clemente | Marc Vicenç | Emili Ascaso | Montserrat ColomerPoster Presentation
35A brief glossary of Poland and world wide use classification and nomenclature of geothermal resource assessment ScienceGeologyMarek HAJTOPoster Presentation
T4b-236Influence of surrounding soil types on the energy efficiency of earth-air heat exchangerTechnology and Best PracticeDirect usesMathias CUNY | Jian LIN | Christophe FOND | Monica SIROUXOral Presentation
T4b-438Monitoring results after 12 months of provision of heating and cooling at the 8 demonstration buildings of the European project “Ground-Med”Technology and Best PracticeHeat pumpsDimitrios Mendrinos | Constantine KarytsasOral Presentation
39Dilatancy, failure, and fluid flow in basalt: Implications for geothermal reservoirs ScienceGeophysicsPatrick Baud | Wei Zhu | Jamie Farquharson | Teng-fong Wong | Michael Heap | Sergio VinciguerraPoster Presentation
T5a-240Assessing geothermal risk prior to drillingTechnology and Best PracticeExploration and planningAlexandros Daniilidis | Leon Doddema | Rien HerberOral Presentation
41HT-MTES: Seasonal heat storage in abandoned coal minesTechnology and Best PracticeUTESFlorian HahnPoster presentation
T1a-442Pressure Retention Valve for Subsurface ApplicationsTechnology and Best PracticeOtherAndreas Rauch | Thorsten WeimannOral Presentation
44Hydrogeochemical Investigation of Hot and Mineral Waters of Karaada (Bodrum) ScienceGeochemistryKemal Koç | ?akir ?im?ek | Elif Y?lmaz Tural?Poster Presentation
45Hydrogeochemical Investigation of Yerköy (Yozgat-Turkey) Geothermal Waters ScienceGeochemistryElif Y?lmaz Tural? | ?akir ?im?ek | Kemal KoçPoster presentation
48Towards the installation of a micro-seismic and a geodesic monitoring network for a geothermal project in urban context: the example of Illkirch-Graffenstaden (Alsace, France) ScienceGeophysicsMaurer Vincent | Vergne Jérôme | Richard Alexandre | Doubre Cécile | Grunberg Marc | Baujard ClémentPoster presentation
T5b-549Ground vibrations caused by geothermal drilling operations: a case study from the Rittershoffen EGS project (Alsace, France)Technology and Best PracticeEnvironmental impacts & solutionsMaurer Vincent | Lehujeur Maximilien | Richard Alexandre | Vergne JérômeOral Presentation
50Toward calibrating an automatic detection system to monitor micro-seismic activity induced by geothermal projects in the Upper Rhine Graben ScienceGeophysicsMaurer Vincent | Grunberg Marc | Cuenot NicolasPoster Presentation
51On-going seismic monitoring of the Rittershoffen project EGS project (Alsace, France) ScienceGeophysicsMaurer Vincent | Grunberg Marc | Baujard Clément | Doubre CécilePoster Presentation
52Towards a 3D velocity model deduced from the processing and the interpretation of 2D seismic in Northern Alsace (France) ScienceGeophysicsMaurer Vincent | Dalmais Eléonore | Richard Alexandre | Plevy LoganPoster Presentation
S6a-455Use of Universal Kriging as a tool to estimate mountain temperature distribution affected by underground infrastructures: the case of the Brenner Base Tunnel ScienceOtherSara Kasmaee | Raffaele Zurlo | Francesco Tinti | Marco Ferrari | Rosalia di Bella | Antonio Voza | Daniela Boldini | Roberto BrunoOral Presentation
56Issues and potentials for the installation of a geothermal closed loop in a tunnel lining: the preliminary study applied to the Brenner Base TunnelTechnology and Best PracticeOtherFrancesco Tinti | Raffaele Zurlo | Marco Ferrari | Harald Egger | Antonio Voza | Sara Kasmaee | Daniela Boldini | Roberto BrunoPoster presentation
57Regulations, incentives and norms for the exploitation of geothermal energy from large infrastructures: a preliminary assessment based on the case of the Brenner Base TunnelTechnology and Best PracticeOtherRaffaele Zurlo | Francesco Tinti | Marco Ferrari | Stefano Casale | Antonio Voza | Sara Kasmaee | Daniela Boldini | Roberto BrunoPoster presentation
58New thermometric data from shallow aquifers in Santorini island (Greece): Possibilities for geothermal exploitation. ScienceGeologyPapachristou Maria | Fytikas Michael | Kolios Petros | Nikolaidou Elissavet | Andritsos NikosPoster Presentation
59Geothermal development in Europe considering Deep Drilling and EGS technologiesTechnology and Best PracticePowerDaniel VillarroelPoster presentation
61Fluid temperature prediction and comparison with real monitored data from a borehole installation in SpainTechnology and Best PracticeHeat pumpsPatricia Monzo | Juan Rodriguez | Anjan Rao Puttige | Alfredo Fernández | Lucia Novelle | José Acuña | Palne MogensenPoster presentation
62A simplified operational strategy combining well architecture and hydraulic stimulation for EGS ScienceOtherBlaisonneau A. | Gentier S. | Guillon T. | Peter-Borie M.Poster presentation
T3a-163Assessment of complex well architectures performances for the geothermal exploitation of the Paris basin: a modeling and economic analysisTechnology and Best PracticePowerHamm Virginie | Bouzit Madjid | Lopez SimonOral Presentation
S4b-164Geodetic analysis of surface deformation at the power plant of Landau (Germany) related to the 2013-2014 event ScienceGeophysicsChristine Heimlich | Frédéric Masson | Jean SchmittbuhlOral Presentation
S6b-265Natural fractures and permeability at the geothermal site Rittershoffen, France ScienceGeologyVidal Jeanne | Genter Albert | Chopin Francis, | Dalmais EléonoreOral Presentation
66TRS: a numerical code for the assessment of thermal recycling in Ground Water Heat PumpsTechnology and Best PracticeHeat pumpsAlessandro Casasso | Rajandrea SethiPoster presentation
67INVESTIGATION OF A NATURAL GAS / LOW-ENTHALPY GEOTHERMAL ENERGY HYBRID SYSTEMTechnology and Best PracticePowerThomai-Komnini Dermata | Lydia Schina | Apostolos Gkountas | Nikos AndritsosPoster Presentation
69Numerical model as a decision-making tool for drills in low enthalpy geothermal contexts. ScienceGeophysicsLABEAU Yannis | JEAN-LOUIS Charles-ChristophePoster presentation
S4a-271Probabilistic approaches in EGS seismic hazard assessment ScienceGeophysicsJupe, AndrewOral Presentation
72Improving Thermal Efficiency of horizontal ground heat exchangersTechnology and Best PracticeExploration and planningDi Sipio Eloisa | Bertermann David | Psyk Mario | Popp ThomasPoster presentation
73Modeling of heat transport through fracture with emphasis to roughness and aperture variability ScienceThermodynamicsChristophe Pascal | Andreas EnglertPoster presentation
S7a-474Seismic reprocessing and attributes for geothermal exploration: a case study in Friesland, Netherlands ScienceGeophysicsStefan Carpentier | Philippe Steeghs | Thijs BoxemOral Presentation
75Simulation of a large shallow geothermal system in SwedenTechnology and Best PracticeHeat pumpsPatricia Monzó | Mauro Biancucci | José AcuñaPoster presentation
S6b-376Stress field rotation in the EGS well GRT-1 (Rittershoffen, France) ScienceGeologyHehn Régis | Genter Albert | Vidal Jeanne | Baujard ClémentOral Presentation
77A Multi Distributed Thermal Response Test in a Large Shallow Geothermal SystemTechnology and Best PracticeHeat pumpsPatricia Monzó | José AcuñaPoster presentation
80An application of energy diaphragm wallsTechnology and Best PracticeOtherMarco Barla | Alice Di DonnaPoster presentation
T1a-182A MATRIX METHOD TO SELECT THE MORE SUITABLE EXTRACTION TECHNOLOGY FOR THE CAMPI FLEGREI GEOTHERMAL AREA (ITALY)Technology and Best PracticePowerClaudio Alimonti | Elena Soldo | Donato Bocchetti | Davide BerardiOral Presentation
S4a-383Automatic pressure control in enhanced geothermal systems ScienceOtherMoritz Schulze Darup | Jörg Renner |Oral Presentation
T1b-584IMAGE petrophysical catalogue – an international database for reservoir characterizationTechnology and Best PracticeExploration and planningKristian Bär | Alexander Strom | Thomas Reinsch | Judith Sippel | Jessica Freymark | Philipp Mielke | Peter WiesnerOral Presentation
T5c-185Seasonal high temperature heat storage with medium deep borehole heat exchangers – a conceptual case studyTechnology and Best PracticeUTESKristian Bär | Wolfram Rühaak | Bastian Welsch | Daniel Schulte | Sebastian Homuth | Ingo SassOral Presentation
T5a-386Probabilistic forecasts of well flow rate and spacing for low enthalpy geothermal projectsTechnology and Best PracticeExploration and planningSCHAAF, ThomasOral Presentation
T2-487DEPLOYMENT OF DEEP ENHANCED GEOTHERMAL SYSTEMS FOR SUSTAINABLE ENERGY BUSINESSTechnology and Best PracticePowerGudmundur O. Fridleifsson | S.G. Bogason, H.P. Ingolfsson, P. Vergnes, I.Ö. Thorbjörnsson, M. Peter-Borie, T. Koh, E. Gaucher, T. Edelmann, R. Bertani, S. Sæther, B. PalssonOral Presentation
S4b-488Modelling Focal Mechanism Errors of Seismicity Induced at Rittershoffen Geothermal Field (Alsace, France) ScienceGeophysicsKinnaert Xavier | Gaucher Emmanuel | Kohl Thomas | Achauer UlrichOral Presentation
89Barite precipitation: consequences on fracture permeability and injectivity at the geothermal sites of the Upper Rhine Graben ScienceGeophysicsL. Griffiths | M.J. Heap | F. Wang | D. Daval | H. A. Gilg | P. Baud | A. Genter | J. SchmittbuhlPoster Presentation
S4b-590Seismicity related to the hydraulic stimulation of GRT1, Rittershoffen, Alsace, France ScienceGeophysicsLengliné, Olivier | Boubacar, Mohamed | Schmittbuhl, JeanOral Presentation
T5c-591After the boom: an evaluation of Dutch ATES systems for energy efficiency and optimal subsurface space useTechnology and Best PracticeUTESMartin Bloemendal | Niels HartogOral Presentation
92Best practice of direct utilization of deep geothermal energy in GermanyTechnology and Best PracticeOtherBenjamin RichterPoster presentation
94CLEAG, CloZEd Loop Energy AGTechnology and Best PracticePowerBodo von Düring | Ladislaus Rybach |Poster presentation
P2-495European cooperation on geothermal research through the GEOTHERMAL ERA NETPolitics and MarketsOtherGuðni A Jóhannesson | Hjalti Pall Ingolfsson | Baldur Petursson | Paul Ramsak | Adele Manzella | Stephan Schreiber | Gunter Siddiqi | Sigurður BjörnssonOral Presentation
96A Time to Drill: Geothermal Drilling Costs in a Low Oil Price ClimatePolitics and MarketsFinancingJulian McDowellPoster presentation
S6b-197Using gravity in geothermal exploration: case study of Wissembourg area, northern Alsace ScienceGeophysicsABDELFETTAH Yassine | CALVO Marta | HINDERER Jacques | DALMAIS Eléonore | MAURER VincentOral Presentation
S2a-298TRACE: Detection of permeable sections of deep reaching fault zones using a low budget isotope-geochemical surface exploration method in the Upper Rhine Graben, Germany ScienceGeochemistryKraml, Michael | Jodocy, Marco | Reinecker, John | Leible, Dominique | Freundt, Florian | Al Najem, Sami | Schmidt, Gerhard | Aeschbach-Hertig, Werner | Isenbeck-Schroeter, MargotOral Presentation
S6a-399Modelling the sensitivity of magnetotelluric monitoring data to geothermal fluids at depth in Northern Alsace ScienceGeophysicsPascal SAILHAC | Hugo LARNIER | Yassine ABDELFETTAH | Eva SCHILLOral Presentation
S4b-3100Magnetotelluric profile crossing the GRT1-2 geothermal doublet of the Rittershoffen EGS project, northern Alsace ScienceGeophysicsABDELFETTAH Yassine | SAILHAC Pascal | GIRARD Jean François | DALMAIS Eléonore | MAURER VincentOral Presentation
101Continuous and time-lapse geothermal monitoring at Rittershoffen EGS project, northern Alsace, using magnetotelluric ScienceGeophysicsABDELFETTAH Yassine | SAILHAC Pascal | SCHILL Eva | LARNIER Hugo | MATTHEY Pierre-DanielPoster presentation
T6a-3102Building and Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage Model in Smart GridsTechnology and Best PracticeUTESVahab Rostampour | Martin Bloemendal | Marc Jaxa-Rozen | Tamas KeviczkyOral Presentation
T4a-2103Potential of ambient seismic noise techniques to monitor injection induced subsurface changes at the St. Gallen geothermal siteTechnology and Best PracticeExploration and planningAnne Obermann | Toni Kraft | Stefan WiemerOral Presentation
104Barite scaling in porous geothermal reservoir rocks – chemical-hydraulic coupling in core-flooding experiments ScienceGeochemistryPia Orywall | Niklas Mundhenk | Dietmar Kuhn | Thomas KohlPoster presentation
105Performance evaluation of a homemade cylindrical basket heat exchanger, by a mu lti-sensors monitoring campaignTechnology and Best PracticeHeat pumpsMarco Ferrari | Alberto Barbaresi | Francesco Tinti | Stefano Benni | Roberto Bruno | Daniele Torreggiani | Patrizia TassinariPoster presentation
S2b-1106A new setup for studying thermal microcracking through acoustic emission monitoring ScienceGeophysicsLuke Griffiths | Michael Heap | Patrick Baud | Jean SchmittbuhlOral Presentation
107Passive electrical monitoring of a geothermal doublet: Rittershoffen EGS project, northern Alsace ScienceGeophysicsGirard, J-F. | Sailhac, P. | Abdelfettah, Y. | Dalmais, E. | Maurer, V.Poster presentation
108Hydraulic and hydrochemical properties of the deep carbonate aquifers in SW-Germany ScienceGeologyIngrid StoberPoster Presentation
110100% Shallow Geothermal Switch Point Heating SystemTechnology and Best PracticeDirect usesLars StaudacherPoster presentation
111Carbonate Scaling Formation: Forensic Studies Applying High-resolution Geochemical Methods ScienceGeochemistryRonny Boch | Martin Dietzel | Andrea Mindszenty | János Szanyi | Joska Deák | Albrecht Leis | Tobias Kluge | Attila DemenyPoster presentation
T5b-1112Temperature and hydraulic properties of the Rittershoffen EGS reservoir, FranceTechnology and Best PracticeDirect usesClement Baujard | Albert Genter | Eleonore Dalmais | Vincent Maurer | Regis Hehn | Ronny RosilletteOral Presentation
S7b-5114Geothermal fields and thermal state of the crust in the Reykjanes peninsula, SW Iceland. ScienceGeophysicsÓlafur G. Flóvenz | Kristján SæmundssonOral Presentation
115Conversion of a research plant to an industrial plantTechnology and Best PracticePowerVILLADANGOS |Poster Presentation
116Pipe materials for borehole heat exchangersTechnology and Best PracticeHeat pumpsDimitrios Mendrinos | Constantine KarytsasPoster presentation
S5-1117Understanding of magmatic geothermal systems from studies of exhumed systems in continental and oceanic settings ScienceGeologyCaterina Bianco | Andrea Brogi, Italy | Massimiliano Ciacci | Andrea Dini | Guðmundur Ómar Friðleifsson | Helga Margrét Helgadóttir | Domenico Liotta | Giordano Montegrossi | Giovanni Ruggieri | Valentina Rimondi | Martina ZucchiOral Presentation
118Exploration for EGS fields : innovative approach in deep geothermal contexts and R&D strategy ScienceGeologyjean-luc Auxietre | Mathieu Auxietre | Mathieu BellangerPoster presentation
119Rock typing in geothermal reservoirs: application of textural descriptors ScienceGeologyPrieto, Angela M. | Archer, RosalindPoster presentation
120Methodology for optimal placing of injection wells of groundwater heat pump installationsTechnology and Best PracticeHeat pumpsBadoux, VincentPoster presentation
121Comparative temperature measurements in an experimental borehole heat exchangerTechnology and Best PracticeHeat pumpsBadoux, Vincent | Kobler, RitaPoster presentation
T5a-1124Entering geothermal energy into the UNFC-2009 classification system: case studies of direct-use projects from HungaryTechnology and Best PracticeDirect usesAnnamaria Nador | László Zilahi-SebessOral Presentation
T5b-2125Geodetic measurements for geothermal sites monitoring at Soultz-sous-Forêts and Rittershoffen deep geothermal sitesTechnology and Best PracticeEnvironmental impacts & solutionsChristine Heimlich | Frédéric Masson | Jean Schmittbuhl | Gilbert FerhatOral Presentation
126Status and Perspectives of Italian District Heating and Cooling in a changing marketPolitics and MarketsSocio-economic aspectsFabrizio TADIELLO | Ilaria Bottio | Bruno Della VedovaPoster Presentation
127An Innovative Co-Axial Spiral Borehole Heat Exchanger Dynamic ModelTechnology and Best PracticeUTESCazorla-Marín, Antonio | Ruiz-Calvo, Félix | Witte, Henk | Montagud, Carla | Corberán, José MiguelPoster presentation
128EGS: key situations for optimizing explorationTechnology and Best PracticeExploration and planningPeter-Borie Mariane | Gentier Sylvie | Blaisonneau Arnold | Guillon ThéophilePoster presentation
T6b-3129Estimating Ground Thermal Properties of a Borehole Heat Exchanger using the B2G Dynamic ModelTechnology and Best PracticeUTESCazorla-Marín, Antonio | Ruiz-Calvo, Félix | Montero, Álvaro | Martos, Julio | Montagud, Carla | Corberán, José MiguelOral Presentation
130Towards targeting geothermal reservoir: exploration program for a new EGS project in urban context in Alsace ScienceGeophysicsAlexandreRICHARD | Vincent MAURER | Clément BAUJARD | Eleonore Dalmais | Ferenc HORVATH | Franck HANOTPoster presentation
131Surface deformation monitoring at geothermal exploitation sites of Soultz-sous-Forêts and Rittershoffen, Rhine Graben, France ScienceGeophysicsFerhatPoster Presentation
132Noise reduction for seismic reflection in urban context, an innovative concept. ScienceGeophysicsAlexandre RICHARD | Vincent MAURER | Pierre GALLEGOPoster presentation
133The key role of first order geological paradigm in deep geothermal exploration. ScienceGeologyBellanger Mathieu | Auxiètre Jean-Luc | Ars Jean-MichelPoster Presentation
134Induced vibrations during a geothermal project and acceptability, how to avoid divorce?Technology and Best PracticeEnvironmental impacts & solutionsAlexandre RICHARD | Vincent MAURER | Maximilien LEHUJEURPoster presentation
135Down-the-hole water powered hammer drilling for medium deep geothermal energy systemsTechnology and Best PracticeUTESDr. Sebastian Homuth | Wolfgang Hornich | Dragoje Markovic | Dr. Kristian BärPoster presentation
1363D structural model of Northern Latium (Italy): a favourable geothermal tectonic and structural setting? ScienceGeologyPetracchini, Lorenzo | Scrocca, Davide | Montegrossi, GiordanoPoster Presentation
S2a-1137Radium isotope concentrations in deep geothermal fluids as finger prints of the aquifer rocks ScienceGeochemistryDetlev Degering | Norman Dietrich | Felix Krüger | Julia Scheiber | Markus Wolfgramm | Matthias KöhlerOral Presentation
T5a-4138Stress distribution as an indicator for exploration well sitingTechnology and Best PracticeExploration and planningTheophile Guillon | Mariane Peter-Borie | Sylvie Gentier | Arnold BlaisonneauOral Presentation
139Well Casing Integrity Evaluation by Combined Logging MethodsTechnology and Best PracticePowerJulia Scheiber | Guerric Villadangos | Nicolas CuenotPoster Presentation
T5c-3140Underground Thermal Energy Storage Opportunities in the Pannonian BasinTechnology and Best PracticeUTESAttila KujbusOral Presentation
141Distributed Acoustic Sensing Technology in Magmatic Geothermal Areas – First Results From a Survey in Iceland ScienceGeophysicsThomas Reinsch | Jan Henninges | Philippe Jousset | Hanna BlanckPoster presentation
142Geothermal Resource Management and Reporting: learning from (NZ) petroleum regulator experiencePolitics and MarketsOtherBart van Campen | Prof Rosalind ArcherPoster presentation
143Inter-well chemical tracer testing at the Rittershoffen geothermal site (Alsace, France) ScienceOtherBernard Sanjuan | Julia Scheiber | Frederick Gal | Stéphane Touzelet | Albert Genter | Guerric VilladangosPoster presentation
T5c-4144Calibration of a finite element model of a borehole thermal energy storage in FEFLOW: model and numerical considerationsTechnology and Best PracticeUTESKarl Woldum Tordrup | Søren Erbs Poulsen | Henrik BjørnOral presentation
S1-2145Using remote sensing techniques for identification of geothermal relevant fault zones in crystalline rock ScienceGeologyJörg MeixnerOral Presentation
S4a-5146Permeability of tensile fractures in andesites ScienceGeophysicsMichael Heap | Paul Siratovich | Ben KennedyOral Presentation
T2-1148Thermo-economic evaluation of one- and double-stage ORC for geothermal combined heat and power productionTechnology and Best PracticePowerHeberle, Florian | Eller, Tim | Brüggemann, DieterOral Presentation
149GeoSurf ScienceGeophysicsBertermann, David | Walker-Hertkorn, Simone | Kübert, Markus | Schmidt, David | Schwarz, Hans | Müller, JohannesPoster presentation
150Influence of geological structure and geophysical parameters on the geothermal field of the city of Berlin, Germany ScienceThermodynamicsFrick, Maximilian | Sippel, Judith | Cacace, Mauro | Scheck-Wenderoth, MagdalenaPoster presentation
151Startup of three geothermal district heating projects in 2015 in HungaryTechnology and Best PracticeDirect usesGábor SZITAPoster Presentation
P3-2152How geothermal has changed people’s thinking in Veresegyház?Politics and MarketsSocio-economic aspectsGábor SZITAOral Presentation
153The thermal field of the Upper Rhine Graben – Temperature predictions based on a 3D model ScienceThermodynamicsFreymark, Jessica | Sippel, Judith | Scheck-Wenderoth, Magdalena | Bär, Kristian | Stiller, Manfred | Fritsche, Johann-Gerhard | Kracht, MatthiasPoster presentation
154The new HPHT triaxial apparatus at IPG Strasbourg (France) ScienceGeophysicsMichael Heap | Patrick Baud | Jamie Farquharson | Luke Griffiths | Jean SchmittbuhlPoster Presentation
155Numerical modelling of thermal convection related to fracture permeability in Dinantian carbonate platform, Luttelgeest, the Netherlands ScienceGeologyLipsey, Lindsay | van Wees, Jan-Diederik | Pluymaekers, Maarten | Bonté, Damien | Limberger, Jon | Cloetingh, SierdPoster Presentation
156Kinetic feedback effects induced by dissolution/precipitation processes in a geothermal context ScienceGeochemistryPollet-Villard | Daval | Clément | Morvan | FritzPoster presentation
157DoubletCalc 2D: a public geothermal flow simulatorTechnology and Best PracticeDirect usesPluymaekers, Maarten | Van Wees, Jan-Diederik | Veldkamp, HansPoster Presentation
T7a-4158Radial jet drilling for Dutch geothermal applicationsTechnology and Best PracticePowerE. Peters | J.G. Veldkamp | M.P.D. Pluymaekers | F. WilschutOral Presentation
S3-2159Modelling of the Shear Dilation Based Hydraulic Stimulation in Enhanced Geothermal Systems Considering Fractures in Different Scales ScienceGeophysicsUcar, Eren | Berre, Inga | Keilegavlen, Eirik | Nordbotten, JanOral Presentation
161Geochemical Tools for Reservoir Exploration and Temperature Determination and their Application in the Mt. Villarrica Geothermal System, Chile. ScienceGeochemistryFabian Nitschke | Sebastian Held | Ignacio Villalon | Niklas Mundhenk | Thomas Kohl | Thomas NeumannPoster presentation
163Study of Clogging Phenomena and Treatment Optimisation of Geothermal Operations on Shallow Aquifers ScienceOtherBurté Luc | Baranger Catherine | Aquilina Luc | Le Borgne Tanguy | Gerard Marie-FrançoisePoster presentation
P7-2164The citizens' initiative in deep geothermal energyPolitics and MarketsPublic acceptancevan Douwe, AikeOral Presentation
165The most prospective areas for geothermal energy utilization for heating and power generation in Poland ScienceGeologyAnna Sowi?d?a? | Wojciech Górecki | Marek Hajto | Joanna JasnosPoster Presentation
166Screening of thermal fractures in geothermal doublets ScienceThermodynamicsLoeve, Daniel | Peters, Lies | Pizzocolo, Francesco | Veldkamp, Hans | Wees, Jan-Diederik van | Fokker, PeterPoster presentation
S3-1167Seismic wave simulation in poro-viscoelastic hot rocks ScienceGeophysicsBiancamaria Farina | Flavio Poletto | Josè M. CarcioneOral Presentation
168Effects of mayor fault zones on geothermal reservoirs – detailed study of Mt. Villarrica geothermal system (southern Chile) using a multidisciplinary approach ScienceOtherSebastian Held | Maximiliano Pavez | Eva Schill | Daniel Diaz | Diego Morata | Thomas KohlPoster presentation
T3b-3169Bagnore 4: a benchmark for geothermal power plant environmental complianceTechnology and Best PracticeEnvironmental impacts & solutionsFedeli, Maurizio | Mannari, Massimo | Sansone, FrancoOral Presentation
T4a-4170Reservoir Modelling for Non-Condensable Gases Total Reinjection in High Enthalpy geothermal systemsTechnology and Best PracticeExploration and planningLuca Guglielmetti | Fausto Batini | Simone Lisi | Vera Trinciarelli | Marco Pucci | Fausto BelliniOral Presentation
T4a-1171Monte Carlo flow rate simulations for the multi-stage EGS stimulation concept of the Haute-Sorne pilot project (Canton Jura, Switzerland)Technology and Best PracticeExploration and planningPeter Meier | Dieter OllingerOral Presentation
T3b-2172Well engineering and simulation for Non-Condensable Gases Total Reinjection systemsTechnology and Best PracticeEnvironmental impacts & solutionsLuca Guglielmetti | Fausto Batini | Simone Lisi | Fausto Bellini | Vera Trinciarelli | Marco PucciOral Presentation
S6b-4173A coupled thermo-hydro-geochemical modelling approach of the evolution of mineralogy in the EGS geothermal system of Soultz-sous-Forêts ScienceGeochemistryLucas, Y. | Ngo, V. | Clement, A. | Fritz, B.Oral Presentation
T2-3175Geothermal power plant production boosting by biomass combustionTechnology and Best PracticePowerPasqui, Giovanni | Dal Porto, Fabio | Fedeli, MaurizioOral Presentation
1763D modelling of borehole heat exchangers at hydrogeological conditions typical of the north European lowlands, sensitivity studies from Denmark ScienceGeologyClaus Ditlefsen | Per Rasmussen | Anker L. HøjbergPoster Presentation
177Modelling Thermo-Hydraulic Coupled Phase Change Processes of BHE Induced Ground FreezingTechnology and Best PracticeHeat pumpsGiorgia Dalla Santa | Antonio Galgaro | Zeno Farina | Wolfram Rühaak | Hauke Anbergen | Eloisa Di SipioPoster presentation
178ENVIRONMENTAL HAZARDS DUE TO EXTREME THERMAL STRESS INDUCED BY BOREHOLE HEAT EXCHANGERSTechnology and Best PracticeHeat pumpsAntonio Galgaro | Giorgia Dalla Santa | Fabio Tateo | Simonetta Cola | Raffaele SassiPoster presentation
P4-1179Risk Mitigation Systems in ComparisonPolitics and MarketsFinancingImolauer,Kai | Ueltzen, MariaOral Presentation
P1-4180Here be dragons – Challenges of geothermal projects in HungaryPolitics and MarketsSocio-economic aspectsJuhasz, Peter | Kovacs, PeterOral Presentation
181The measurement of the undistributed ground temperature in characteristic regions throughout CroatiaTechnology and Best PracticeHeat pumpsVladimir Soldo | Luka Boban | Staša Borovi?Poster presentation
182Development of a miniature tool-train for the evaluation and quality control of borehole-heat-exchangers.Technology and Best PracticeEnvironmental impacts & solutionsHenry Tünte | Achim Rübel | Martin Meyer | Lars Beckert | Gregor BussmannPoster presentation
T6a-2183Mine-water geothermal district heating in ScotlandTechnology and Best PracticeDirect usesDavid Townsend | Raymond ParkOral Presentation
P1-6184Turboden's ORC grid balancing capabilityPolitics and MarketsOtherMauro Guerciopanel/ roundtable- POLITICS/MARKET STREAM ONLY
185New Turboden 15MWe plant in Croatia with 1,5MWe NCG turbineTechnology and Best PracticePowerMauro GuercioPoster presentation
P4-4186Deep drilling costs reductionPolitics and MarketsOtherphilippe DUMASOral Presentation
187Pressure-enthalpy formulation for numerical simulations of supercritical water/steam systems applied to a reservoir in Tuscany, Italy ScienceThermodynamicsHenrik Büsing | Jan Niederau | Christoph ClauserPoster presentation
P6-1188Regeocities: integration of shallow geothermal systems in urban planningPolitics and MarketsSocio-economic aspectsphilippe DUMASOral Presentation
P2-1189The role of public authorities in supporting financially geothermalPolitics and MarketsFinancingphilippe DUMAS | luca ANGELINOpanel/ roundtable- POLITICS/MARKET STREAM ONLY
P1-1190The EGEC Market report 2015Politics and MarketsOtherphilippe DUMAS | luca ANGELINOOral Presentation
192Quartz-driven fracture healing and its impact on fluid flow ScienceGeochemistryKling Tobias | Schwarz Jens-Oliver | Wendler Frank | Enzmann Frieder | Blum PhilippPoster presentation
193Towards an European Geothermal Information Platform, the EGIP pilotTechnology and Best PracticeExploration and planningTrumpy, EugenioPoster presentation
T5b-3194Geothermal Development in the Upper Rhine Graben in a Multi-Project EnvironmentTechnology and Best PracticeExploration and planningLutz Karl Stahl | Horst KreuterOral Presentation
195Ambient seismic noise tomography using the dense array “EstOf” for deep geothermal exploration, Alsace, France ScienceGeophysicsLehujeur, M. | Vergne, M. | Le Chenadec, A. | Schmittbuhl, J. | EstOf TeamPoster Presentation
197Innovative Geothermal and Desiccant Assisted Air Conditioning SystemTechnology and Best PracticeHeat pumpsMatthias Schuck | Arne Speerforck | Jürgen Grabe | Gerhard SchmitzPoster presentation
T3c-2198Experimental studies for improving the performances of compact coil ground heat exchangersTechnology and Best PracticeHeat pumpsMikael PHILIPPE | Maha CHALHOUB | Charles MARAGNA | Louis JUILLACOral Presentation
P1-3200A Prudent Outlook of Geothermal Development in Italy by 2030Politics and MarketsOtherPaolo Conti | Giancarlo Passaleva | Raffaele Cataldi |Oral Presentation
T7a-3201Innovative Thermal Drilling Technologies based on mechanically assisted LaserJet Drilling (LJD) for hard rock (geothermal) applicationsTechnology and Best PracticeEnvironmental impacts & solutionsShahin Jamali |Oral Presentation
T1b-2202Geothermal Exploration in SW SwitzerlandTechnology and Best PracticeExploration and planningAndrea MoscarielloOral Presentation
S1-1203Assimilation of subsurface temperature data to improve the thermo-mechanical model of the European lithosphere ScienceGeologyJon Limberger | Jan-Diederik van Wees | Maarten Pluymaekers | Magdala Tesauro | Sierd CloetinghOral Presentation
204MinTHERM – Exploratory studies for a geothermal power plant in subsurface structuresTechnology and Best PracticePowerLorenz Stefan | Galler Robert | Gegenhuber Nina | Steinlechner Sepp | Samhaber WolfgangPoster presentation
S5-2205Hydrogeochemistry of the thermal waters from the Pamukkale-Karahay?t Geothermal Field (Denizli Basin, Southwestern Anatolia, Turkey) ScienceGeologyHülya Alçiçek | Ali Bülbül | Mehmet Cihat AlçiçekOral Presentation
206Joint inversion applied to deep geothermal exploration ScienceGeophysicsJean-Michel Ars | Pascal Tarits | Mathieu BellangerPoster Presentation
S7b-4207Time-lapse seismic imaging of the Reykjanes geothermal reservoir ScienceGeophysicsWeemstra, Cornelis | Obermann, Anne | Verdel, Arie | Paap, Bob | Blanck, Hanna | Guðnason, Egil Árni | Hersir, Gylfi Páll | Jousset, Philippe | Sigurðsson, ÓmarOral Presentation
S7b-1208Induced seismicity during reinjection of wastewater in a geothermal field at Hengill, SW Iceland ScienceGeophysicsKristjansdottir, Sigridur | Agustsson, Kristjan | Gudmundsson, Olafur | Lund, Bjorn | Bodvarsson, Reynir | Tryggvason, Ari | Fehler, MichaelOral Presentation
P4-5209Towards new business models for geothermal companies: state and trendsPolitics and Marketscorporate structuresphilippe DUMAS | luca ANGELINOpanel/ roundtable- POLITICS/MARKET STREAM ONLY
211Potential interest areas for the development of geothermal energy in La Reunion Island ScienceGeologyChrystel DezayesPoster presentation
T6b-2212CHEAP and safe, an European Project for cheaper and safer low enthalpy geothermal applications. A geological context point of viewTechnology and Best PracticeExploration and planningAntonio Galgaro | A. Bernardi | D. Bertermann | M. De Carli | M. Cultrera | G. Dalla Santa | E. Di Sipio | S. Graci | A. Vivarelli | M. Di Tuccio | J. Mueller | S. Pera | L. Pokele | D. Poletto | A. ZarellaOral Presentation
214Reducing the economic and environmental risks of geothermal energy production with an improved, high-resolution geological model ScienceGeologyCees Willems | M.E. Donselaar | D.F. BruhnPoster presentation
215Thermal plume dispersion induced by shallow geothermal applications: the case study of Villaverla (Italy).Technology and Best PracticeEnvironmental impacts & solutionsAntonio Galgaro | Jacopo Boaga | Eloisa di Sipio | Matteo CultreraPoster presentation
T6b-4216Characterising Ground Thermal Properties in Ireland – an approach to improving ground source collector designTechnology and Best PracticeHeat pumpsRiccardo Pasquali | Stephen Murray | Mike Long | James McAteerOral Presentation
217Modelling interactions between borehole heat exchange systems and groundwater in different hydrogeological regimesTechnology and Best PracticeUTESPedchenko Oleksandra | Loveridge Fleur | Woodman Nicholas D. | Powrie William | Abesser CorinnaPoster Presentation
218Development of a network of cooperation for geothermal energy based on “BUS OZE” projectPolitics and MarketsOtherHa?aj El?bietaPoster Presentation
219Principles of Geothermal Information SystemsTechnology and Best PracticeExploration and planningT. Agemar | J.-A. Alten | L. Gorling | J. Kuder | E. Suchi | J. WeberPoster presentation
T3b-4220Assessing the quantitative potential of seasonal aquifer thermal energy storage and recovery in the Brussels-Capital Region using combined 3D- groundwater flow, heat and reactive transport modelingTechnology and Best PracticeEnvironmental impacts & solutionsChristian Anibas | Janik Kukral | Marijke HuysmansOral Presentation
221Slip Tendency Analysis & Frictional Strength of Reservoir Rocks in southern Germany ScienceGeologyRobin SeithelPoster Presentation
P7-3222Social Acceptance and Responsibility in Central ItalyPolitics and MarketsPublic acceptanceAnna Pellizzone | Agnes | Roberto | Adele | Giovanni |Oral Presentation
225GEORG - Geothermal Research Cluster cooperation JOINT EFFORT IN GEOTHERMAL ENERGY RESEARCHTechnology and Best PracticeOtherHjalti Pall Ingolfsson | Alicja Wiktoria Stocklosa | Sigurður Magnús Garðarsson | Magnús Tumi Guðmundsson | Rúnar Unnþórsson | Einar Jón Ásbjörnsson | Steinunn Hauksdottir | Bjarni Pálsson | Oddur B Björnsson | Ernst HuengesPoster presentation
226Advanced thermal monitoring of 130 m deep borehole heat exchangerTechnology and Best PracticeHeat pumpsLuka Boban | Vladimir SoldoPoster presentation
T3c-1227Long-term Performance of a Borehole Heat Exchanger Field Connected to a Multifunctional Office BuildingTechnology and Best PracticeHeat pumpsMichalski Alexander | Fütterer Johannes | Klitzsch Norbert | Clauser Christoph |Oral presentation
228Improvement of geological and petrophysical understanding of the Vieux-Habitants area (Basse-Terre Island, Guadeloupe) ScienceGeologyVivien Navelot | Yves Géraud | Marc DiraisonPoster Presentation
P7-5229Meanings of public consultation exercises concerning geothermal projects. The Strasbourg casePolitics and MarketsOtherChavot Philippe | Masseran Anne | Serrano YenyOral Presentation
T7b-5230Novel Productivity Enhancement Concept for a Sustainable Utilization of a Geothermal Resource – The SURE ProjectTechnology and Best PracticeOtherThomas Reinsch | David Bruhn | SURE consortiumOral Presentation
T5c-2231High Temperature Storage in the Dutch shallow subsurface – critical factors and economic feasibilityTechnology and Best PracticeUTESVeldkamp, Hans | Pluymaekers, Maarten | van Wees, Jan Diederik | Vandeweijer, VincentOral Presentation
232Shallow Geothermal Collector Suitability Maps for IrelandTechnology and Best PracticeHeat pumpsRiccardo Pasquali | Natalia Hunter Williams | Damien BontéPoster presentation
233Integration of heat flow measurements and estimations in the construction of Mexico’s heat flow map. ScienceGeophysicsProl-Ledesma, Rosa Maria | Espinoza-Ojeda, Orlando M. | Iglesias, Eduardo R. | Arango-Galván, ClaudiaPoster presentation
P2-3235“Geothermal Sustainability Regulation in Iceland and New Zealand”Politics and MarketsSocio-economic aspectsHarpa Petursdottir, ML (BBA) | Bart van Campen, MSc.MAOral Presentation
S1-4236Deformation, Strength, and Failure Mode of Deep Geothermal Reservoir Rocks ScienceGeologyPaul Siratovich | Marlène Villeneuve | Michael Heap | Ben KennedyOral Presentation
237Implementation of data filtering while thermal response testing to improve the analysis of resultsTechnology and Best PracticeUTESBorja Badenes | Lenin Lemus | Álvaro E. Montero | Javier F. UrchueguíaPoster presentation
238Alteration products of reservoir rocks of the Upper Rhine Graben under geothermal conditions ScienceGeochemistryRoman B. Schmidt | Kurt Bucher | Ingrid StoberPoster Presentation
S7b-3239Reykjanes ambient noise reflection interferometry ScienceGeophysicsVerdel Arie | Wedemeijer Harry | Paap Bob | Vandeweijer Vincent | Weemstra Cornelis | Jousset Philippe | Franke Steven | Blanck Hanna | Agustsson Kristjan | Pall Hersir GylfiOral Presentation
S6a-5240The impact of uncertainty in geologcial models on hydrothermal simulations ScienceGeologyJan Niederau | Henrik Büsing | Christoph Clauser | Martin Thorwart | Ivano Dini | Ruggero BertaniOral Presentation
241GIS-Based tools for quantification of shallow geothermal resources and associated environmental impactsTechnology and Best PracticeEnvironmental impacts & solutionsMar Alcaraz |Poster presentation
T3b-1242Life cycle assessment of geothermal power generationTechnology and Best PracticeEnvironmental impacts & solutionsPhilipp BlumOral Presentation
243Fault permeability models for geothermal doublet designs ScienceGeologyJan ter HeegePoster presentation
T3c-4245Methods of BHE flushing, charging and purging in SwedenTechnology and Best PracticeHeat pumpsMonika Ignatowicz | José Acuña | Åke Melinder | Björn PalmOral Presentation
248Evaluation of Metallic Materials for Geothermal ApplicationsTechnology and Best PracticeHeat pumpsRalph Bäßler | Amela Keserovi? | Joana Sobetzki | Helmuth Sarmiento Klapper | Matthias DimperPoster presentation
250Predicting porosity and permeability in potential low-enthalpy geothermal reservoirs, onshore Denmark ScienceGeologyRikke Weibel | Lars Kristensen | Mette Olivarius | Henrik Friis | Claus Kjøller | Morten Leth Hjuler | Peter Frykman | Anders Mathiesen | Lars Henrik NielsenPoster presentation
251Scale Prediction and Inhibitor Selection for Geothermal PlantsTechnology and Best PracticePowerD RodmanPoster presentation
T6a-1252Update (Geo-) Thermal Smart Grid Mijnwater HeerlenTechnology and Best PracticeOtherRené Verhoeven | Herman EijdemsOral Presentation
253Workflow for conceptual modelling of the Krafla high temperature area in NE-Iceland ScienceOtherHelga Margrét Helgadóttir | Sveinborg Hlíf Gunnarsdóttir | Unnur Þorsteinsdóttir | Gunnlaugur M. Einarsson | Steinþór NíelssonPoster Presentation
S2b-4254Validation of Cation Exchange Capacity on Resistivity Logs ScienceOtherTobias Björn Weisenberger | Heimir Ingimarsson | Léa Lévy | Gylfi Páll Hersir | Ólafur G. FlóvenzOral Presentation
T2-5255Enhanced Steam productivity using a High Impact Jetting Hydraulic ToolTechnology and Best PracticeOtherFernanda Tellez Cisneros | Tadeo Resendiz Torres | Jose Ramon CervantesOral Presentation
256Borehole televiewer, resistivity and temperature logs identify permeable fractures in DFDP-2B borehole, hanging wall of the Alpine Fault, New Zealand ScienceGeophysicsLucie Capova | Mai-Linh Doan | Cecile Massiot | Lea Remaud | Bernard Celerier | John Townend | Rupert Sutherland | Philippe Pezard | Virginia Toy | DFDP Science TeamPoster Presentation
257A model of permeability and porosity in the different type of basement of the Upper Rhine Graben inferred from outcropping analogues rocks. ScienceGeologyYves Géraud | Marc DiraisonPoster Presentation
258Modelling Absolute Location Errors of Seismicity at Soultz-sous-Forêts Geothermal Field (Alsace, France) ScienceGeophysicsKinnaert Xavier | Gaucher Emmanuel | Kohl Thomas | Achauer UlrichPoster Presentation
259Thermal Induced Residual Strain of Water-saturated Limestone under Hydrostatic and Deviatoric Stress States ScienceGeophysicsLiang Pei | Guido Blöcher | Harald Milsch | Fiorenza Deon | Günter Zimmermann | Wolfram Rühaak | Ingo Sass | Ernst HuengesPoster presentation
260Imaging the deep structures of the Larderello geothermal field (Italy) by electrical resistivity measurements: the IMAGE experiment ScienceGeophysicsAlessandro Santilano | Adele Manzella | Enzo Rizzo | Valeria Giampaolo | Luigi Capozzoli | Alberto GodioPoster Presentation
261Regional shallow heat flow in Denmark from borehole temperatures and thermal conductivities of main lithologies ScienceGeophysicsMøller, Ingelise | Balling, Niels | Rasmussen, Per | Ditlefsen, ClausPoster Presentation
262Exploring microbial communities using high-throughput 16S rDNA sequencing in geothermal minerals and fluids: method development in non-geothermal context and applications to geothermal fluids ScienceGeochemistryWild B. | Imfeld G. | Scheiber J. | Daval D.Poster presentation
P3-4263How policy, technology and innovation can foster geothermal district heating development - An Icelandic case studyPolitics and MarketsOtherCarine Chatenay | Thorleikur Johannesson | Albert Albertsson | Hildigunnur H. Thorsteinsson | Ívar AtlasonOral Presentation
264Geothermal Potential of the Grado Is. Carbonate Reservoir, Northern Adriatic Sea ScienceGeophysicsBruno Della Vedova | Flavio Poletto | Aurelie Cimolino | Francesco Palmieri | Cinzia Bellezza | Lorenzo PetronioPoster presentation
265Integrated interpretation and Modelling of TELLUS Aeromagnetic, Gravity, Radiometric and Multispectral Analysis of Satellite Imagery Datasets for exploration and identification of Deep Geothermal target areas in the MidlandValley Terrane. (DeepGeo) ScienceGeophysicsKeyla RamirezPoster presentation
T1b-4266MeProRisk” optimization strategies and risk analysis for geothermal reservoirsTechnology and Best PracticeExploration and planningChristoph Clauser | Gabriele MarquartOral Presentation
267Influence factors in the depth domain of borehole heat exchangers - global warming and urban heating ScienceGeophysicsLadislaus RybachPoster presentation
S3-3269On the use of ambient noise correlation for imaging and monitoring deep geothermal reservoirs ScienceGeophysicsVergne, Jérôme | Lehujeur, Maximilien | Le Chenadec, Adrien | Schmmittbuhl, Jean | Maggi, AlessiaOral Presentation
270Origin of lithium in deep brines of SW-Germany – first results ScienceGeologyJens C. Grimmer | Kirsten Drüppel | Ingrid StoberPoster Presentation
271Computed Tomography for Studying Fluid-Rock Interactions In-Situ Conditions ScienceGeophysicsMathias NehlerPoster presentation
KT1272Development of geothermal technology to address the climate change issue in the densely populated areas of the worldTechnology and Best PracticeExploration and planningRoy Baria | Jörg Baumgärtner | Dimitra Teza | Tony Bennett | Andrew JupeOral Presentation
P6-4273Market conditions and public support for geothermal heat pump technology: What key successful factors?Politics and Markets“bankability”Lucapanel/ roundtable- POLITICS/MARKET STREAM ONLY
P1-5274New state aid rules and market design in the European Union: What impact for geothermal electricity?Politics and Markets“bankability”Luca AngelinoOral Presentation
275Some comments about the use of GHP in Alentejo (Portugal)Technology and Best PracticeOtherMaria Rosa DuquePoster Presentation
276An Analysis of The Geothermal Employment Landscape, it’s characteristics and challengesPolitics and MarketsSocio-economic aspectsLatham, AlexandraPoster Presentation
277The Heat Under Your Feet: A Case Study Of Communication Practices To Enable Shallow Geothermal Market DevelopmentPolitics and MarketsPublic acceptanceLatham, AlexandraPoster Presentation
278Bucharest residential park based on shallow geothermal energyTechnology and Best PracticeHeat pumpsRobert GAVRILIUCPoster Presentation
279Re-introduction of the geothermal energy for the Otopeni district heating systemTechnology and Best PracticeDirect usesRobert GAVRILIUCPoster Presentation
280Integrated Geological, Fluid Flow and Geomechanical Model of a Geothermal FieldTechnology and Best PracticeExploration and planningGiovanni Sosio | Ann-Sophie Boivineau | Oleksander Burachok | Clément Baujard | Eléonore DalmaisPoster presentation
S7b-2281Seismic tomography of Reykjanes, SW Iceland ScienceGeophysicsPhilippe Jousset | Hanna Blanck | Steven Franke | Kristjan Agustsson | Malte Metz | Trond Ryberg | Gylfi P. Hersir | Cornelius | Arie Verdel | David BruhnOral Presentation
T5b-4282Towards a comprehensive environmental monitoring of a geothermal power plant in the Rhine grabenTechnology and Best PracticeEnvironmental impacts & solutionsRavier | Dalmais | Maurer | CuenotOral Presentation
S2a-5283Scaling potential during (CO2) degassing in geothermal installations ScienceGeochemistryLaura WaschOral Presentation
P2-2284Impact of policy instruments on the development of the Belgian geothermal energy sector (ALPI project)Politics and MarketsFinancingPetitclerc Estelle | Piessens Kris | Maes DriesOral Presentation
286Quantifying Irish Soil Thermal Properties – a reference for improved ground source collector designTechnology and Best PracticeHeat pumpsJames McAteerPoster presentation
287Modeling methods using in research of geothermal systems ScienceOtherMarta Dendys, MSc Eng | LeszekPaj?k, PhD Eng | Barbara Tomaszewska, DSc. EngPoster presentation
T4b-3288Accuracy of Borehole Thermal Resistance Calculation MethodsTechnology and Best PracticeHeat pumpsSaqib Javed | Jeffrey SpitlerOral Presentation
289Geothermal conditions in the basin of Thessaloniki (Macedonia, Northern Greece) ScienceGeologyArvanitis Apostolos | Papachristou Maria | Kolios NikolaosPoster Presentation
290Geothermal ORC plant case study in Italy: Castelnuovo Val di Cecina – Design and technical aspectsTechnology and Best PracticePowerMaurizio Vaccaro | Fausto Batini | Massimo Stolzuoli | Serena Bianchi | Ruggero PizzoliPoster presentation
T7b-3291What are innovations in shallow geothermal energy?Technology and Best PracticeHeat pumpsRüdiger GrimmOral Presentation
292Three dimensional THM modelling of the Soultz-sous-Forêts geothermal reservoir ScienceGeophysicsVincent MAGNENET | Christophe FOND | Jean SCHMITTBUHLPoster presentation
294The geothermal water in the Pliocene and Upper Pontian basin sediments in the northern part of Serbia ScienceGeologyIvana DemicPoster Presentation
T1a-5295Development of a Novel Logging Tool for 450°C Geothermal WellsTechnology and Best PracticeOtherØyvind Stamnes | Sigbjørn Kolberg | Magnus Hjelstuen | Morten Røed | Sverre KnudsenOral Presentation
P6-2296Practitioners’ observations on the policies, regulation and environmental impacts of ground source energy use in FinlandPolitics and MarketsLegal aspectsMajuri PirjoOral Presentation
P6-5297Assessing the sustainable application of Aquifer Thermal Energy StoragePolitics and MarketsSocio-economic aspectsMarc Jaxa-Rozen | Martin Bloemendal | Vahab Rostampour | Jan KwakkelOral Presentation
T7a-1298Technology Roadmap for Geothermal Hard Rock DrillingTechnology and Best PracticeOtherErlend Randeberg | Steinar Kragset | Hans Petter Lohne | Øystein Arild |Oral Presentation
299Integration of the conventional sizing procedure of Vertical Geothermal Probes with a dynamic simulation of the plantTechnology and Best PracticeHeat pumpsClaudio Alimonti | Elena Soldo | Marco Agnoloni |Poster presentation
T7b-4300Smart thermal grids, geothermal integration into smart citiesTechnology and Best PracticeOtherDumas, Philippe | Sanner, BurkhardOral Presentation
302Mechanical and permeability constraints for geothermal reservoir at Krafla, Iceland ScienceGeologyEggertsson, Guðjón Helgi | Lavallée, Yan | Markusson, SigurdurPoster Presentation
S7a-1303Development of a numerical 3D geothermal model for Denmark ScienceGeophysicsBalling, Niels | Fuchs, Sven | Poulsen, Søren Erbs | Bording, Thue S. | Nielsen, Søren B. | Mathiesen, Anders | Nielsen, Lars HenrikOral Presentation
304Monitoring of saline fluids from geothermal plants: Special aspects of sampling, sample preservation and analysisTechnology and Best PracticeOtherSabine Jähnichen | Uta Czeslik | Detlev Degering | Andrea SeibtPoster Presentation
305Entropy production and strange attractors: Measures to quantify uncertainty introduced by free convection ScienceThermodynamicsJan Niederau | Christoph Clauser | Florian Wellmann | Nele Lisa BörsingPoster Presentation
306Preliminary aspects associated with the use membrane techniques in the treatment of geothermal water ScienceGeologyBarbara Tomaszewska | Magdalena TyszerPoster Presentation
307Recent trends in research and application of ORC plants for geothermal energy useTechnology and Best PracticePowerAlessandro FRANCO | Maurizio VACCAROPoster Presentation
P3-1308Regulatory and market frameworks for geothermal district heating: A review of existing practicesPolitics and MarketsLegal aspectsLuca Angelino | Philippe Dumas | Beata Kepinska | Loredana Torsello | Dario BoncianiOral Presentation
309The G.POT method for the assessment and mapping of the shallow geothermal potential of Borehole Heat Exchangers (BHEs)Technology and Best PracticeExploration and planningAlessandro Casasso | Rajandrea SethiPoster presentation
P3-3310City-wide District Heat Network powered by Deep Geothermal in Stoke-on-Trent (UK)Politics and Markets“bankability”DANNEELS SébastienOral Presentation
311Rock typing and structural characterization in support of geothermal exploration in the Greater Geneva Basin (Switzerland) ScienceGeologyRusillon Elme | Clerc Nicolas | Brentini Maud | Moscariello AndreaPoster Presentation
T7a-5312Design and test of hydraulic DTH mud hammers to improve service life, ROP, borehole cleaning and control for deep, hard rock geothermal drillingTechnology and Best PracticeExploration and planningwittigOral Presentation
313CDGP, a data center for deep geothermal data ScienceOtherMarc Schaming | Marc Grunberg | Markus Jahn | Jean Schmittbuhl | Nicolas Cuenot | Albert Genter | Eleonore DalmaisPoster Presentation
T3c-5314System optimisation of ground-coupled heat- and cold supply for office buildingsTechnology and Best PracticeHeat pumpsBurkhard Sanner | Franziska Bockelmann | other author names will be added at a later stageOral Presentation
315Monitoring deep geothermal reservoirs with ambient seismic noise : a case study at Rittershoffen, France. ScienceGeophysicsLe Chenadec |Poster Presentation
316Solid Expandable Tubular Technology in Monobore Drilling: A Review, Case Study and Its Application in Geothermal IndustryTechnology and Best PracticeOtherHafiz Mahmood SalmanPoster Presentation
S5-5317Relative Microearthquake Locations at the Geysers ScienceGeophysicsTimur TEZEL | Gillian R. FOULGER | Bruce R. JULIANOral Presentation
S6b-5318New stratigraphic interpretation of the Soultz-sous-Forêts’ geothermal wells based on Rittershoffen (Upper Rhine Graben, France) ScienceGeologyCoralie Aichholzer | Philippe Duringer | Sergio Orciani | Albert GenterOral Presentation
319Review of Existing and Proposed Borehole Heat ExchangersTechnology and Best PracticeUTESGöran Hellström | Signhild GehlinPoster presentation
KT3320Shallow Geothermal Energy Systems – Where Does the Energy Come From?Technology and Best PracticeHeat pumpsGöran Hellström | Signhild GehlinOral Presentation
321Borehole Heat Exchangers - Serial or Parallel Coupling for Two Boreholes of Un-equal Depth?Technology and Best PracticeUTESJeffrey D Spitler | Signhild GehlinPoster presentation
T1a-3322Brine Chemistry, Scale Inhibitors and Dosing Systems Used at the Germencik Geothermal Field, TurkeyTechnology and Best PracticePowerMark Stapleton | Oleh Weres | Abdullah Gulgor | Engin HelvaciOral Presentation
323Microseismic network design at the Ngatamariki Geothermal Field, New ZealandTechnology and Best PracticePowerSteven Sewell | Steve Sherburn | Zara RawlinsonPoster presentation
T4a-5324Stimulation of Jolokia 1 - the EGS that wasn't!Technology and Best PracticePowerRobert Hogarth | Dr. Stefan Baisch | Dr Reinhard JungOral Presentation
326Technico-economical optimization of ORC geothermal power plant by means of genetic algorithm. Study of source and flow effects.Technology and Best PracticePowerStephane Schuller | Christophe Josset | Bruno Auvity | Jérôme BellettrePoster presentation
T5a-5327Geo4P - Geothermal Pilot Project Pisan Plain: quantitative assessment of very low, low and medium temperature shallow geothermal resourcesTechnology and Best PracticeExploration and planningbonciani-marianelli-sbrana-torselloOral Presentation
P7-4329Acceptance of Geothermal Projects in a Critical Environment in the Upper Rhine GrabenPolitics and MarketsPublic acceptanceLutz Stahlpanel/ roundtable- POLITICS/MARKET STREAM ONLY
S2b-2330b-value variations and fracture pinning ScienceGeophysicsJean Schmittbuhl | Arne Stormo | Olivier Lengliné | Camille Jestin | Alex HansenOral Presentation
331Quality assessment of reservoir and cap-rock by means of an innovative multidisciplinary study: the case history of Rosario de La Frontera geothermal system (NW Argentina) ScienceGeologyRoberta Maffucci | Sabina Bigi | Sveva Corrado | Guido Giordano | Chiara InvernizziPoster presentation
332GEOTRAINET Update: training structure complete, curricula revision and modular approachPolitics and MarketsOtherBurkhard SANNER | Philippe DUMAS | Isabel FERNANDEZ | further names to be addedPoster presentation
T1a-2333Thermal expansion of casings in geothermal wells and possible mitigation of resultant axial strainTechnology and Best PracticePowerGunnar Skúlason Kaldal | Ingolfur Orn ThorbjornssonOral Presentation
S2a-3334Fluid-rock interactions in geothermal processes: their importance and their computational modeling ScienceGeochemistryLeal, Allan M. M. | Kong, Xiang-Zhao | Saar, Martin O.Oral Presentation
T3b-5335How geothermal resourse can help environmental controlTechnology and Best PracticeHeat pumpsCanalis L. | Ceppa L. | Comina C. | Degiorgis L. | Giordano N. | Giuliani A. | Mandrone G. | Marcon G.Oral Presentation
336Ultrasonic equipment aimed to detect grouting homogeneityTechnology and Best PracticeHeat pumpsChiara Colombero | Cesare Comina | Andrea Giuliani | Giuseppe MandronePoster Presentation
337The Correlation between Geomagnetic Anomalies and Fault Fracture Density Method for Investigating Geothermal Activity In Songgoriti, East Java ScienceGeophysicsSianipar, Juni Yesy | Pratopo, Akhmad Kunio FadlullahPoster presentation
KT2338Shallow geothermal energy – history, development, current status, and future prospectsTechnology and Best PracticeHeat pumpsBurkhard SANNEROral Presentation
339Preliminary Study Using Remote Sensing Technique in Seulawah Agam Geothermal Area ScienceGeophysicsDian DarismaPoster presentation
340Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics of GSHPTechnology and Best PracticeHeat pumpsOlga Kordas | Eugene NikiforovichPoster presentation
341Estimation of heat flow and geothermal gradient from numerical modelling in central Portugal ScienceOtherPereira, Alcides | Costa, José | Panão, Miguel | Miranda, Mafalda | Machadinho, Ana | Lamas, Rita | Neves, Luís | Rodrigues, NelsonPoster Presentation
342Technology parameters of BHE thermal response testTechnology and Best PracticeHeat pumpsTomasz Sliwa | Aneta Sapinska-Sliwa | Andrzej Gonet | Marek JaszczurPoster presentation
343Drilling of geothermal boreholes and casing design in PolandTechnology and Best PracticeDirect usesAneta Sapinska-Sliwa | Tomasz Kowalski | Andrzej Gonet | Tomasz Sliwa | Anna BiedaPoster Presentation
S2a-4345Implications of hydrothermal flow-through experiments on deep geothermal energy utilization ScienceGeochemistryXiang-Zhao Kong | Allan M.M. Leal | Martin O. SaarOral Presentation
346Analysis of ASTER Image for Preliminary Assessment to Determine Geothermal Potential Area in Mt. Lamongan, East Java, Indonesia ScienceGeologyDarajat, Fery IsmarPoster presentation
S5-4347The ARGeo geophysical model of the Tendaho geothermal field, Ethiopia ScienceGeophysicsArmadillo Egidio | Rizzello Daniele | Stimac Jim | Zemedkun Meseret | Kebede SolomonOral Presentation
T4a-3348Challenges of South Hungarian EGS Demonstration ProjectTechnology and Best PracticeExploration and planningLászló Ádám | Trenton CladouhosOral Presentation
350Interactive database as tool for developing use and protection of geothermal resources in urban areas (Belgrade, Serbia, case study)Technology and Best PracticeExploration and planningAna Vranjes | Dejan MilenicPoster presentation
351Integrated geophysical imaging of the Alalobeda geothermal field (Ethiopia). ScienceGeophysicsRizzello Daniele | Armadillo Egidio | Verdoya Massimo | Pasqua Claudio | Kebede Solomon | Bjarnason Davíd | Abera NewayPoster presentation
352Structural control on geothermal circulation in the Cerro Tuzgle–Tocomar geothermal volcanic area (Puna plateau, Argentina) ScienceGeologyGuido Giordano | Luca Aldega | Walter Baez | Raul Becchio | Sabina Bigi | Agostina Chiodi | Sveva Corrado | Arnaldo A De Benedetti | Chiara Caricchi | Ruben Filipovich | Alessandro Fusari | Gianluca Groppelli | Chiara Invernizzi | Gianluca Norini | Franco Tassi | Sara Taviani | Roberta Maffucci | José ViramontePoster presentation
T3c-3353GeoStar – a Scalable Borehole Heat Exchanger System for District Heating Systems and Constricted Large Urban InfrastructuresTechnology and Best PracticeHeat pumpsGregor BussmannOral Presentation
354Magnetic measurements for geothermal exploration in Basse-Terre, Guadeloupe (French Lesser Antilles) ScienceGeophysicsJeanne Mercier de Lépinay | Marc MunschyPoster Presentation
S6a-1356A two-phase geothermal wellbore-simulator to model THC behaviour using Elmer-Phreeqc ScienceThermodynamicsYodha Y. Nusiaputra | Alain Dimier | Thomas KohlOral Presentation
357Modeling the properties of geothermal two-phase multi-component fluids for use in wellbore simulation ScienceGeochemistryYodha Y. Nusiaputra | Alain Dimier | Thomas KohlPoster presentation
358The Genesis and Impact of Acidic Wellbore Fluid; A Literature Review in Geothermal Field of Indonesia ScienceGeologyBetseba br Sibarani | Fitri Oktaviani PurwaningsihPoster presentation
359Metasilicic acid in thermal water from Ba?ska PGP-1 well, Podhale ScienceGeochemistryKmiecik Ewa | Korzec Klaudia | Mika AnnaPoster presentation
360The archaeological excavations along the route of the ECOGI’s closed-cycle heat transport loop (Rittershoffen-Kesseldorf, Alsace) ScienceOtherMuriel Roth-ZehnerPoster Presentation
S1-5362New geologic insights for the Pico Alto Geothermal Field (Terceira Island, Azores, Portugal) as a key tool for its conceptual modelling ScienceGeologyJoão Carlos Nunes | José Martins Carvalho | Maria do Rosário CarvalhoOral Presentation
S3-5363Inferring stress heterogeneities in fractured crystalline reservoir from an analysis of borehole breakout ScienceGeophysicsDavid Sahara | Martin Schoenball | Birgit Mueller | Thomas KohlOral Presentation
364Characterization of the geomechanical properties of deep EGS reservoir rock from borehole and hydraulic data ScienceGeophysicsDavid Sahara | Carola Meller | Emmanuel Gaucher | Thomas KohlPoster presentation
365Hydrodinamic and heat transport modelling of the regional transboundary geothermal aquifers of Western Hungary ScienceOtherGáspár, EmesePoster presentation
366Effects of the long-term thermal water utilizations on the aquifer in SW-HungaryTechnology and Best PracticeEnvironmental impacts & solutionsGáspár, Emese | Dr. Ördögh, József | Mácsai, IstvánPoster Presentation
S2b-5367Thermally-enhanced oil recovery from stranded fields: Synergy potential for geothermal and oil exploitation ScienceGeologyM.E. Donselaar | D.F. Bruhn | H.M. Nick | Z. Ziabakhshganji Oral Presentation
T7b-1369European Geothermal technology Roadmap: status and implementationTechnology and Best PracticeOtherPHILIPPE DUMAS | BURKHARD SANNER | JAVIER URCHUEGUIAOral Presentation
370Scaling Characterizations of Low Temperature Geothermal Fields in Buyuk Menderes Graben (Turkey) ScienceGeologyTugbanur OZEN BALABAN | Gultekin TARCAN | Unsal GEM?C? | Mumtaz COLAKPoster presentation
S1-3371Data assimilation for the investigation for temperature variations in the Paris Basin and the Netherlands ScienceGeologyDamien Bonte | Jon Limberger | Lindsey Lipsey | Sierd Cloetingh | Jan Diederik van WeesOral Presentation
372Thermicity of the Cornwall Batholith ScienceGeologyDamien Bonte | Jon Busby | David Beamish | Jan Diederik van WeesPoster presentation
T4b-5374Shallow geothermal energy use in industry in GermanyTechnology and Best PracticeHeat pumpsErich MANDS | Marc SAUER | Edgar GRUNDMANN | Burkhard SANNEROral Presentation
376Environmental Impact Assessment of the Geothermal Area Beiu? (Romania)Technology and Best PracticeEnvironmental impacts & solutionsRaluca CalbureanPoster Presentation
377Magnetotelluric Investigation of the Northern Swiss Heat Flow Anomaly ScienceGeophysicsFriedemann Samrock | Neeraj Shah | Martin SaarPoster Presentation
S2b-3378Evaluation of Flow Metering Calculation Methods for Geothermal Wells with High Non-Condensable Gas Content and Impact on Calculated Total Mass Rate and Enthalpy ScienceOtherManon Stöver | Jill HaizlipOral Presentation
380Comparison of novel synthetic DNA nano-colloid tracer and classic solute tracer behaviour ScienceGeophysicsKittilä, Anniina | Deuber, Claudia | Evans, Keith | Puddu, Michela | Mikutis, Gediminas | Grass, Robert N. | Saar, Martin O.Poster Presentation
381Analysis of seismological data on Reykjanes peninsula, Iceland ScienceGeophysicsHanna Blanck | Dr. Philippe Jousset | Kristján Ágústsson | Gylfi Páll Hersir | Ólafur G. FlóvenzPoster Presentation
T1b-1382Geothermal exploration and reservoir assessment in magmatic systems – The IMAGE ProjectTechnology and Best PracticeExploration and planningGylfi Páll HersirOral Presentation
P7-1383Public perception of geothermal energy: history, recent changes, and perspectives for improvementPolitics and Marketspublic relationsBurkhard SANNER | Philippe DUMASOral Presentation
384Sustainable operation of geothermal heat pump systems with small borehole spacing using thermal energy storage in different European climatesTechnology and Best PracticeUTESBuday, Tamas | Buday-Bódi, Erika | Csákberényi-Nagy, Gergely | Tóth, Tamás | Lázár, István |Poster Presentation
385Numerical Simulation of a Reservoir in Edremit, Bal?kesir - Turkey ScienceGeologyGünay, Emre | Karahano?lu, NurkanPoster presentation
T6b-5386Measuring and analysing the underground temperature and heat flux changes for the local assessment of the shallow geothermal potentialTechnology and Best PracticeHeat pumpsLászló Merényi | Péter Szilágyi |Oral Presentation
387Comparison of standards and guidelines for geothermal heat pumps in EuropeTechnology and Best PracticeHeat pumpsBurkhard SANNERPoster Presentation
S6a-2388A numerical study of THMC coupled processes in fractured geothermal reservoirs ScienceOtherS. Salimzadeh | H. M. Nick | Adriana Paluszny | David F. BruhnOral Presentation
389Detailed estimation of geothermal potential by integration of a wide range of geological data: Case study from a Lower Triassic low-enthalpy reservoir in the Tønder area in southern Denmark ScienceGeologyMorten Leth Hjuler | Mette Olivarius | Lars Kristensen | Troels Laier | Lars Ole Boldreel | Anders Mathiesen | Carsten Møller Nielsen | Lars Henrik NielsenPoster Presentation
T6b-1390Experiences from use of TRT (Thermal Response Test) in the design praxis for BHE (Borehole Heat Exchanger): lessons learned, enhanced information, new developmentsTechnology and Best PracticeExploration and planningMarc SAUER | Erich MANDS | Edgar GRUNDMANN | Burkhard SANNEROral Presentation
T3a-3391Well Completion in European Geothermal Applications - Best Practice and Project ExamplesTechnology and Best PracticeDirect usesWerner HartmannOral Presentation
393Direct uses as environmental mitigation measure in Ribeira Grande Geothermal Field (S. Miguel, Azores Islands, Portugal) ScienceOtherJosé Martins Carvalho | João Carlos Nunes | Maria do Rosário CarvalhoPoster presentation
395Geothermal and Greenhouse GasesTechnology and Best PracticePowerManon Stöver | Henry VeizadesPoster presentation
T6a-4396Possibilities of integrating geothermal heat in 28 district heating systems in DenmarkTechnology and Best PracticeHeat pumpsBirte RøgenOral Presentation
397Large scale in-situ Borehole and Geofluid Simulator (i.BOGS) for the development and testing of borehole technologies at hT/p reservoir conditions ScienceOtherRolf BrackePoster presentation
T3a-2398Extended Reach Wells for Enhanced Heat ProductionTechnology and Best PracticeDirect usesMIKLOS ANTICS | Pierre Ungemach | Marie-Paule PromisOral Presentation
399Assessment, Remedial and Prevention of Near Wellbore Damage. Application to the Geothermal District Heating DoubletsTechnology and Best PracticeDirect usesMIKLOS ANTICS | Pierre UngemachPoster presentation
S7a-5400Temperature- and pressure model for the Námafjall geothermal system in NE-Iceland and development of a 3-D numerical model ScienceOtherSaeunn HalldorsdottirOral Presentation
401Applying modern portfolio theory to decision analysis of investments in geothermalTechnology and Best PracticeExploration and planningDario Hernandez | Lutfhie AzwarPoster presentation
P3-5403NEW GEOTHERMAL LEGISLATION AND OPPORTUNITIES FOR INVESTORSPolitics and MarketsLegal aspectsNusret Gungor | Furkan Akp?nar | Aysegul Cetin | Kemal AkpinarOral Presentation
404Temperature field around borehole heat exchangers: design implicationsTechnology and Best PracticeUTESSailer, Eleonora | Taborda, David M. G. | Zdravkovi?, Lidija | Potts, David M.Poster presentation
405Thermal characterization of a geothermal precast pile in Valencia (Spain)Technology and Best PracticeHeat pumpsBorja Badenes | Cristina de Santiago | Freddy Nape | Teresa Magraner | Javier F. Urchueguía | María de Groot | Fernando Pardo de Santayana | Jose Luis Arcos | Fernando MartínPoster presentation
T4b-1406Geotechnical behaviour study of a geothermal precast pile by Finite Elements MethodTechnology and Best PracticeHeat pumpsRafael Tafur | Cristina de Santiago | Fernando Pardo de Santayana | Javier F. Urchueguía | Maria de GrootOral Presentation
P6-3407RHI - Incentive or Inhibitor to UK GSHP growth ?Politics and MarketsOtherR H Curtis | T PineOral Presentation
408Novel Ground Heat Exchanger for GSHPsTechnology and Best PracticeHeat pumpsSteve Reid | Göran Hellström | Nic Wincott | Robin Curtis | Tom Pine | Richard Palmer | Jocelyn Hartland-SwannPoster Presentation
S7a-2413Characterization of Deep Geothermal Energy Resources in low enthalpy sedimentary basins in Belgium using Electro-Magnetic Methods – Part 1 : CSEM results ScienceGeophysicsCOPPO Nicolas | BRETAUDEAU François | GIRARD Jean-François | HARCOUET-MENOU Virginie | LAGROU David | MANZELLA Adele | ROMANO Gerardo | WAWRZYNIAK PierreOral Presentation
S7a-3414Characterization of Deep Geothermal Energy Resources in low enthalpy sedimentary basins in Belgium using Electro-Magnetic Methods – Part 2 : MT results ScienceGeophysicsWAWRZYNIAK Pierre | BRETAUDEAU François | COPPO Nicolas | GIRARD Jean-François | HARCOUET-MENOU Virginie | LAGROU David | MANZELLA Adele | ROMANO GerardoOral Presentation
415Hydrothermal alteration: marker of paleo-hydrothermal fluid circulation. Analogy with Vieux-Habitants area. ScienceGeologyBeauchampsPoster Presentation
416Latest developments and trends in Ground Source Heat Pump TechnologyJeffrey D. SpitlerOral Presentation
417The GRETA projectChristine HaasPoster Presentation